[VIDEO] People Crack Up at Kamala’s “Together Game Plan” in a Speech That Makes Joe Sound Like a “Wordsmith”

[VIDEO] People Crack Up at Kamala’s “Together Game Plan” in a Speech That Makes Joe Sound Like a “Wordsmith”

I have seen a lot of absurd Kamala clips in my day – too many to count, actually…but this one here has to be on the “Top Five” list of worst ever.


She literally stands there for about 31-seconds and talks, but I kid you not, she says nothing.

Seriously, NOTHING…

It’s actually quite impressive when you think about it, because Kamala, who, as far as we know, doesn’t have a raging case of Dementia, actually makes Joe Biden sound like a coherent wordsmith with this speech.

Joe and Kamala are meant for each other, aren’t they?

dumb and dumber | Trending Gifs

Now, I am not 100 percent sure where this clip is from, but I don’t think that matters too much – because most of what goes on with Kamala Harris doesn’t matter.

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I know she gave a “together” speech on 9/11, so it could be from that.

Regardless, it’s so “inspiring” that it’s gotten some renewed interest as she and Joe drag us into WW3…

You can watch the video below:

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@matteubankscomedy 2022 action plan. #fyp #funny #comedy #comedian #satire #humor #hilarious #kamalaharris #merica ♬ The Marines’ Hymn (From The Halls Of Montezuma) – Gramercy Brass & John Henry Lambert

Here’s what people online are saying about Kamala’s “vision” for 2022:


“did she make it past kindergarten?”

“Her and joe are the perfect joke.”

“Tell me something without telling me something. A lot of words said with no meaning”

“All those words and she said NOTHING!!!!!”

“we are DOOOMED!!!”

“Who’s dumber, Kamala or Joe?” 

“Did Biden write this speech? If so, he’s becoming more coherent.”

“Can you imagine a conversation between she and Joe lmao”

“a whole lot of 8th grade political science”

“Sounds more like a Miss America speech”

“Reminds me of writing essays when I was trying to meet the minimum word count.”

“So, what I heard was “nothing plus nothing equals nothing squared. “”

“Like writing a term paper using as many words as you can. The speech must last at least one minute”


It’s not too hard to see why Kamala had to drop out of the Dem primary so early, and why that math nerd Andrew Yang was actually beating her in the polls.

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