[VIDEO] Kamala Glitches-Out During Speech, Repeats Same Phrase 4 Times in 30 Seconds

[VIDEO] Kamala Glitches-Out During Speech, Repeats Same Phrase 4 Times in 30 Seconds

Nobody on earth will ever accuse Kamala Harris of being an eloquent speaker.


As a matter of fact, she sounds like a junior high school girl giving a bad book report most of the time.

Remember her recent trip to Poland and Romania, when she was cackling and so unprepared she didn’t even know how to answer simple questions?

The rumor around town is that Kamala doesn’t read her briefs, so she literally doesn’t know what’s going on… and that’s very clear when you listen to her speak. She spews out these bizarre word salads, where she says a lot, without actually saying anything at all.

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And boy, oh boy did that happen again, here at home this time in Louisiana, where Kamala was talking about the “passage of time.”

How the “passage of time” actually tied into what she was saying, is still anybody’s guess, but during this 30-second clip, Kamala glitched out so badly, she said the phrase “passage of time” FOUR TIMES.

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Yes, FOUR times in 30-seconds… You gotta hear this nonsense to believe it.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying about Robo Harris:

“Every time she speaks it sounds like the papers I used to write in college when I was struggling to get to a 5,000 word count.”

“She is the quintessential example of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Her picture should be included in the definition.””

“Royal dumbass – #KamalaHarris”

“my god…”

“She’s actually stupider than Biden.”

“She is perpetually giving a book report on a book she hasn’t read.”


“Would rather die, than have her as an American president”

“There’s not a single synapse firing in that brain.”

“How far down the line of succession do you have to go until you find someone who can speak in cohesive sentences?”

“Listening to her gibberish feels like a significant passage of time.”

“She’s just so dumb”

“She’s everything they said Sarah Palin was”

“This is what happens when you sleep your way to the top”

I don’t know what the Dems are going to do.

They’ve really painted themselves into a corner with these two dullards they installed into the White House.

On one hand, you’ve got this shaky dementia patient, and on the other this awkward, insecure, and unprepared cackling shrew.

That’s quite a pair… 81 million, huh?


Nobody believes that nonsense.

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