[VIDEO] Kamala Humiliates U.S. On World Stage With A lot of LOUD Nervous Cackling And Dodging Questions

[VIDEO] Kamala Humiliates U.S. On World Stage With A lot of LOUD Nervous Cackling And Dodging Questions

We all knew Kamala heading to Europe would be a disaster.


This bumbling woman is so far over her head, it isn’t even funny.

Last week Meghan McCain was actually begging Joe Biden not to send “unserious Kamala” to Europe, and after watching this, Joe, the dementia patient, probably should’ve listened to his old pal Meghan.

If you want to get a “feel” for how things are going for Kamala and the United States overseas right now, just watch this ghastly 16-second clip:

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The American people are not amused:

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“its like a bad comedy sketch…..except its real”

“”standing on the northern” :checks compass: “eastern flank””

“Hi, I’m Kamala Harris your Student Council Announcer for the Day.”

“omg….please help us…..”

“Allow myself to introduce myself”

But it gets a lot worse for Kamala and for us because once again, Kamala is humiliating the U.S. on the world stage.

During a presser with Polish President Duda, Kamala was asked a question by a member of the press. The reporter included a “follow-up” for Duda.

Clearly, Kamala was supposed to answer her part first and then allow Duda to answer the follow-up.

This isn’t rocket science.

But a nervous and insecure Kamala either didn’t know this or didn’t know how to answer the question, so she loudly and very nervously began cackling like an awkward hen, until Duda stepped in and cleaned up her mess.

He saved her and answered the question.

You can watch the video below:

Yes, because nothing gets the “belly laughs” going like a potential nuclear war situation, right folks?

Again, the American people were not amused:

“Glad to see we are sending our best and brightest”

“A fabulous display of hair and teeth.”

“Why is she laughing like that? What is sooo funny??”

“She looked at him like “daddy, I need help”

“It’s not even funny anymore, this is an on-going national embarrassment on a world scale.”

“Oh Jeez! Befitting of the solemness of the occasion.”

“If she is POTUS some day, her nervous hyena laugh will be the most audible thing coming out of her mouth. She’ll never make it in a public or pressured arena.”

It’s one thing to behave this way when you have dementia, but when you’re relatively young and mentally healthy and holding the second most powerful position in the country, how can this shoddy display happen?

Not to excuse Joe’s buffoonery, but obviously, the man’s brain is working at half-capacity *at best.*


I am not sure what Kamala’s excuse is, except that she’s an insecure, ignoramus who has gotten where she is today, by means that have absolutely nothing to do with skill and intellect.

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