[VIDEO] One Brilliant Trump Supporter “Fixed” Kamala’s Makeup…Now She Looks Exactly Like She Sounds

[VIDEO] One Brilliant Trump Supporter “Fixed” Kamala’s Makeup…Now She Looks Exactly Like She Sounds

We really have the best meme-makers around, don’t we?


And I will tell you this much, memes are powerful because they tell a story (usually with humor) and people instantly connect with it.

Someone who may not be into politics or fully understand what’s happening can get a “feel” for what’s going on just by looking at a meme.

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And that’s why all of our meme artists are so incredibly important.

I saw this meme of Kamala Harris and it really fits the bill for what I am talking about.

One brilliant Trump supporter who goes by Mazemoore took one of Kamala’s recent speeches and turned it into a hilarious “clown meme,” and if you ask me, it’s way more fitting now.

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You can watch the video below:

This was that cringe-worthy moment when Kamala accidentally told voters they got the “garbage” they asked for when they voted for Joe Biden.


Yes, thanks to a tsunami of illegal mail-in ballots, we’re all getting screwed over.

Kamala should think about wearing this makeup all the time, it would send the right message to Americans about what they “voted” for.

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