Kathy Griffin Posts Her “4th Booster Shot” Photo And Instantly Regrets It LOL

Kathy Griffin Posts Her “4th Booster Shot” Photo And Instantly Regrets It LOL

One of the strangest things that happened with this whole COVID mess, was how obsessed leftists got over a vaccine that didn’t do what it was supposed to do, and how eagerly they went along with all the “changes,” not even asking simple “why” questions.


If I got a flu shot and then got the flu, I would start asking questions. I wouldn’t be cheering the shot, saying how great it was, and then taking three more, only to keep catching the flu. It makes no sense. That’s why a lot of this feels like a psychosis.

The vax started out being marketed as if it would give you “immunity.” That’s why experts like Fauci alluded to, and that’s exactly what Joe Biden said during his CNN town hall.

Then it morphed from immunity to saving your life and keeping you out of the hospital, and when that also failed, it changed to: “It’ll lessen your symptoms.”

Okay, but the problem with that is that most people, vaccinated or not, have mild COVID symptoms, that’s why it has a 99.8 survival rate.

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Yet, even still, the left is celebrating the vax and all the boosters that go along with it.

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And that’s precisely what failed “comedian” Kathy Griffin is doing with her 4th booster shot photo.

She’s celebrating failure and propaganda.

I think Kathy posted the bizarre, unhealthy-looking photo to try to show some kind of “strength” and “power,” but it backfired really badly in her face.

Here’s what Kathy said in a tweet above the photo: “4th booster f**kers. Oh, and CVS gave us EIGHT free Covid tests for getting boosted!”


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Is a side effect of the booster looking like Carrot Top?” 

“At this point, my conclusion is that people like Kathy tweet these idiotic “I got vaxxed/boosted” posts because they think other people care about their vaccination status, because they care about other people’s vaccination status.”

“Did you get more pasty white and thin with each shot?” 

“You need some sun. 4th Booster or not you look sick.”

“My God, you look unhealthy” 

“I didn’t even get the first vax, yet somehow, I’m still here and I look healthier than this freak” 

“Why do you need tests, let alone 8, if you’ve been jabbed 4 times? I’m betting this won’t age well and she will be announcing some sort of illness soon.”

“A vaccine so good, you get given 8 COVID tests after taking a fourth dose of it.”

“These people have become their own satire.”

“The definition of stupidity. Getting 4 shots and then delighted about getting free tests to check if u have the virus the 4 shots were meant to protect you from. If this is you, u failed the IQ test. How does it feel sharing equal brain power with a slug?”

“Why do you look so unhealthy?”

“Get a vaccine and get tests for what you were just vaccinated for LMAO” 

“If you get a 4th booster you’ll look like an emaciated vegan” 

“If I got 4 shots of a vaccine within 12 months and still had to test myself — I would have some questions.”

“When you have more booster shots than IQ points”

I know the COVID thing has taken a break for a while now, as Joe Biden’s polls continue to plummet, but don’t get too comfy…

It’ll be back.


It’s way too powerful of a weapon for Dems to just cast it aside and forget about it.

They’ll come up with a way to rebrand it around mid-terms, and zombies like Kathy will be there to help push the propaganda.

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