22-Year-Old US Soccer Captain Dies Suddenly On Campus

22-Year-Old US Soccer Captain Dies Suddenly On Campus

There have been a lot of athlete deaths over the past year.


A shocking number, actually.

We’ve seen a lot of young, healthy athletes – especially in Europe – die suddenly of heart-related issues.

It’s really odd that nobody in the mainstream media is curious about this, or even discussing it.

That makes it all the more “strange.”


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And now, we have another athlete’s death to report… this time in the U.S.

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I don’t know what killed this young healthy American athlete by the name of Katie Meyer, but she was the team captain and goalie for the Standford Women’s Soccer Team.

She was found dead on campus.

The first thing many people online are asking is, “was she vaccinated?”

Well, I don’t know if that has anything to do with this young girl’s death – for all we know, she could have murdered – the facts just aren’t out yet.

Although the school said that there was no “threat” to anyone’s safety, so, that sounds like the cause of death was probably not a homicide.

But we don’t know what happened, it could be an accident, suicide, or possibly a medical condition.

But I can tell you, that a “booster” was required for everyone on the team according to the school’s website:


Why does Stanford have a student booster shot requirement? Our booster requirement is intended to support sustained immunity against COVID-19 and is consistent with the advice of county and federal public health leaders.

The New York Post reported that Katie Meyer, the goalkeeper and captain of the Stanford women’s soccer team, has died, the university announced. Meyer was 22 years old. Her death occurred in an on-campus residence, according to the university, but a cause of death was not provided.

“Her friends describe her as a larger-than-life team player in all her pursuits, from choosing an academic discipline she said ‘changed my perspective on the world and the very important challenges that we need to work together to overcome’ to the passion she brought to the Cardinal women’s soccer program and to women’s sports in general,” Stanford said in a statement.

“There are no words to express the deep sadness we feel about Katie Meyer’s passing,” Stanford athletic director Bernard Muir said in a statement. “Katie was an outstanding student-athlete and a beloved, passionate leader here at Stanford. Our entire athletics community is heartbroken and Katie will be deeply missed.”


This is very sad news, and our hearts and prayers go out to the family.


I hope they get the answers they need to help them heal from this horrific loss.

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