St. Louis Tragedy: 12-Year-Old Girl Shoots 14-Year-old Boy And Herself On Instagram Live 

St. Louis Tragedy: 12-Year-Old Girl Shoots 14-Year-old Boy And Herself On Instagram Live 

There was what appeared to be a murder/suicide that took place during a family party being recorded live on Instagram.


A 12-year-old girl shot her 14-year-old male cousin and then shot herself.

The deadly shooting took place at around 2:00 am in St. Louis.

Kuaron Harvey, 14, and Paris Harvey, 12, were more than cousins, family members said — they called each other brother and sister.

The deadly incident happened in a closed bathroom, but the family says the two children were filming live on Instagram when the deadly shooting took place.

It was all caught on video, and sadly, the deadly clip went viral.

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Initially, authorities listed the shooting was a “murder/suicide” but the family says that’s not what happened.

After watching the shooting, they realized it was actually a tragic accident.

STL Today reported that family members said Kuaron and Paris were in a bathroom at the apartment alone, making a video in the mirror.

After Kuaron was shot, the video shows the girl reaching for the gun, and it may have accidentally gone off again, they said. Both children were shot in the head, family members said.
“It was no murder. It wasn’t a suicide,” said Shinise Harvey, 35, Paris’ mother. “It was a freak accident. It happened.” She did not watch the video herself but family members who did described it to her, she said. They were “trying to be too hip,” she said.

She was not at the party, she said. The party was for younger members of the family — teenagers and young adults. She said she and Kuaron’s mom at first weren’t going to let them go but gave in after Paris and Kuaron begged.


The cousins were always together and Facetiming, rapping, making videos and pulling pranks, family members said.
They acted older than they were, said Angel Dyson, Paris’ aunt and Shinise Harvey’s sister.

Paris was a girly girl who loved getting her hair and nails done, was very creative and funny, had a beautiful voice and “a beautiful spirit.” She also was spoiled, her mother said, laughing.

Kuaron was funny, had a goofy spirit, could do “backflips out of this world,” even when he was smaller, and was in the eighth grade, family members said.

Family members believe the gun was his.

Authorties pronounced both young people dead at the scene.
What a tragic story.
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