Rep Boebert Publishes The Nights Most “Savage SOTUS” Tweet… And It’s NOT Even About Joe Biden

Rep Boebert Publishes The Nights Most “Savage SOTUS” Tweet… And It’s NOT Even About Joe Biden

Well, Rep. Lauren Boebert is the star of the SOTU address tonight, for a couple of reasons… and one of those reasons is because of the mega-viral tweet she published.


But the thing is, she wasn’t calling out Biden in the tweet, even though she had piles of “material” to work with.


This time she called out the RINO traitors who refused to show up in the Senate and vote on an amendment to defund all of Biden’s vaccine mandates.

Those senators were:

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Mitt Romney, Jim Inhofe, Lindsey Graham, and Richard Burr.

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Had they shown up on that day, the GOP would have had the “majority” and could have shut down Dems with one brilliant move that would have meant everything to voters.

But they couldn’t be bothered to show up.

However, as Lauren points out, they found the time to make it to Joe Biden’s slurring, incoherent, rambling “State of the Union” speech.



Here’s what Lauren said: “I spy Senators who made it to #SOTU, but couldn’t make it to the Senate floor to end federal vaccine mandates.”


Good for her. That needed to be said.

We should call out these globalist RINOS every chance we get.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Because they are traitors…cowards.”

“Yes CALL the turncoats out.,.. and don’t let people forget it. They could have done something for the American people and choose not to.”

“YES!!THIS!!! Globalist traitors, never let them have a moments peace” 

“They will pay. Used to like Graham but don’t trust him anymore.”

“Exactly How could any be there for this clown show?”

“They show up for their little globalist political party, but won’t show up for people who voted for them.”

“I don’t know who I dislike more, liberals or RINOS. Honestly, it’s a draw” 

We need to get really serious and send these RINOs packing.


Until we do that, we won’t win at anything, because they’ll always be there to stand in our way.

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