Trump Supporter Asks What Lindsey Graham’s “Pronouns” Are… And The Responses Are Hilarious

Trump Supporter Asks What Lindsey Graham’s “Pronouns” Are… And The Responses Are Hilarious

I think by now, we can all agree that Lindsey Graham is not an America First warrior.

He didn’t actually have an “epiphany” and join the MAGA revolution.

He was just being a shrewd swampy politician, trying to save his own skin.


Lindsey has offered a lot of “talk,” but no action.

And right on cue, he’s back to his warmonger roots, basically calling for World War 3, so he and his neocon buddies can get back in the “game” again.’

Graham drew a lot of backlash from both sides of the aisle when he took to Twitter and called for someone in Russia to assassinate Putin.

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It doesn’t matter what you think of Putin, but being irresponsible and using your massive platform and power to throw gasoline on a fire is not only wrong, it could be deadly.

So, Lindsey has landed on everyone’s sh*t list.

And one brilliant Trump supporter piled on a bit. The very popular Twitter account that goes by the handle “CatTurd” asked everyone what Lindsey’s pronouns are…

The responses are hilarious.


“What are Lindsey Graham’s pronouns?”

Here are some responses:

“All talk/no action”


“Benedict and Arnold”

“He will announce them live on Hannity”














Yep, I think those pronouns nailed Lindsey to a *tee.*

Well done, everyone.


I think it’s safe to say MAGA has had enough of Lindsey, and their pronouns are now, “primary/him.”

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