[VIDEO] Liz Cheney Just Admitted She’s Scamming Republican Voters…And She Thinks It’s VERY Funny

[VIDEO] Liz Cheney Just Admitted She’s Scamming Republican Voters…And She Thinks It’s VERY Funny

If you want to see just how much contempt the globalist elites have for you, watch this 28-second clip of Liz Cheney laughing at the SCAM she’s pulling on Republican voters.


In this short clip, Liz Cheney actually admits, out loud, that she’s not really a “Republican.”

That’s a right, a woman who is the so-called “lead Republican” on the January 6th committee, is laughing and telling everyone she’s not really a “Republican.”

This is all a big joke to her and the other globalists. They all know what the “game” is — they’ve been playing it for their whole lives.

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Further proof that the “uni-party” is 100 percent real and people like Liz Cheney need to be sent packing.

You can watch the video below:

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It’s not surprising to see this, but it is infuriating.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“When you inadvertently get caught admitting that you’re basically running a scam on millions of Americans regarding what your true political leanings reside, then the best thing to do is treat that reveal like it’s just a knee-slapping, guffaw-inducing, chortle snort. So she does”

“I like when they say it out loud and think it won’t affect them. Her arrogance is coming to an end.”

“Crazy , vote her ass out …”

“her political career is over.”

“That’s the most honest she’s been in the past 7 years.”

“We need a biologist to confirm she’s human. I still bet on “devil reincarnation” but I’m not the expert.”

“We seem to be losing our country on all directions”

“<loud whisper> “psst… psst… Miss Cheney, Miss Cheney—you’re saying the quiet part out loud!!!””

“Closest to a smile I’ve seen her get…and it looks like it hurt.”

“The first part is admitting it… finally #RINO”

This is a very typical elitist attitude. Cheney doesn’t care that she’s taking the middle-class “America First” patriots for a ride. She’s part of an elite political club that you’re not allowed into.

It’s the “Liz Show,” and whatever you need to improve your life, isn’t her concern.


Globalists don’t care about you.

They care about themselves and their rich friends and donors, and that’s why people like Liz need to go.

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