Dems Plot to Remove Rep. Madison Cawthorn Goes Down in a Ball of Flames

Dems Plot to Remove Rep. Madison Cawthorn Goes Down in a Ball of Flames

Dems thought they finally figured out a way to get rid of popular, and fiery America First political Madison Cawthorn and they planned to use “January 6th” to do it.


But thanks to a Trump-appointed judge, their underhanded plot has failed.

Dems were trying to stop Madison from running for office again because of his “role” on January 6th.

That was the very heart of the Dems plot and the legal question for the courts.


Well, the courts have answered that question and it’s bad news for Dems.

Score another win for the good guys.

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Conservative Free Press reported that a judge on Friday blocked a shameless Democrat electoral challenge that sought to disqualify Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina from running for re-election by labeling him an insurrectionist.

U.S. District Judge Richard E. Myers II, an appointee of President Donald J. Trump, stepped in to squelch an effort by Democrat lawyers in North Carolina who had filed a motion before the state’s Board of Elections declaring Mr. Cawthorn, 26, ineligible for re-election under the Constitution.

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They had contended that the first-term Republican’s support for Patriots who entered the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, made him an “insurrectionist,” and therefore barred him from office under the little-known third section of the 14th Amendment, adopted during Reconstruction to punish members of the Confederacy.

Judge Myers noted that section three concluded with a caveat: “Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.” The Amnesty Act of 1872 did just that when it declared that “all political disabilities imposed by the third section” of the 14th amendment were “hereby removed from all persons whomsoever.”


The ruling angered Democrats who argued that the 1872 law applied only to Civil War confederates, not any insurrectionist in the future and that a law could not usurp a constitutional amendment.

Of course, Dems will try to turn this over on appeal – they’ll fight like hell to keep any Trump-supporting politicians out of office and they’ll continue to use January 6th like a weapon.

But their chances of removing Madison are slim to none… But that won’t stop them from trying.

It never does. 

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