[VIDEO] Mike Lindell “I Have The Receipts…” Says, Mesa County Election Evidence “Finally Came Through”

[VIDEO] Mike Lindell “I Have The Receipts…” Says, Mesa County Election Evidence “Finally Came Through”

Mike Lindell appeared on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” with a big “election” announcement.


He said that Part 3 of the independent forensic investigation on Mesa County, Colorado’s Dominion vote tabulator is now online.

Lindell spoke with Bannon, explaining to him that his team of lawyers will now work to get preliminary injunctions in individual states “to shut down their machines.”

Mike said his team will focus on 7 states, although he did not name which states those would be.

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This is a quick summary of the findings from the report:

These statutory requirements establish that voting systems are required to generate and preserve, as critical to the
ability to determine and reproduce the conditions and details of election conduct using these systems, logfiles of all
system functions, including normal activity, connectivity, file and data access, operator- and automated-processes,
and errors. Logfiles are critical to the ability to detect improper operation, including the ability to detect malicious
intrusions as well as other improper activities and conditions, and configuration changes that could enable alteration
of the actual vote count.

Assuming this information to be correct, this forensic examination found that a substantially large number of these
requirements have not been met. This examination also found that destruction of critical logfiles has occurred. This
destruction is not incidental or minor but is extensive.

The purpose of this initial report is to document these findings and present preliminary evidence demonstrating
unacceptable conduct and system defects revealed by the examined images, as necessary for the Chief Election
Official to discharge her statutory obligations. The facts and resultant findings support the conclusions that:

1) Election-related data explicitly required to be preserved, as stated in the 2002 VS criteria referenced in
this section, have been destroyed in violation of Federal and State law, and
2) Due to non-compliance with the 2002 VS requirements, these voting systems and accompanying
vendor-provided, Colorado Secretary of state-approved procedures cannot meet the certification
requirements of the State of Colorado, and should not have been certified for use in the state.

Comprehensive investigation is required to determine whether these critical failures are the result of malicious intent
or negligence, and to what extent the systems may have been compromised or subjected to unauthorized access or
operation prior to, during, and after election use. That comprehensive investigation is beyond the scope of this report.


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You can watch the video below (Lindell’s comments start around 7:00 min. mark):

While the media and Dems, and even some GOP RINOs claim the 2020 election was the “fairest” in all the land, the American people aren’t buying it.

Voter fraud rightfully remains a TOP concern for GOP voters, and polling shows Americans believe there was fraud in the 2020 election.


So, thank God for Mike Lindell, who’s standing up for those of us that the Regime is trying to silence.

H/T: 100 Percent Fed Up

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