Hispanic MLB All-Star Wears a Big, Bold “Let’s Go Brandon Shirt” To Spring Training

Hispanic MLB All-Star Wears a Big, Bold “Let’s Go Brandon Shirt” To Spring Training

I love that it’s gotten so commonplace and popular to dislike Joe Biden, that you can now wear a ‘Let’s Go Brandon” shirt pretty much everywhere and most everyone you come in contact with will agree with you.


That’s where we are right now in this country, thanks to Joe Biden’s ineptitude and cratering poll numbers.

Americans are growing more and more frustrated every day. We just got rid of Dems’ COVID tyranny, and now we’re embarking on WW3.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Americans Furious After Biden Warns of Major US Food Shortages “It’s Gonna Be Real…”

Biden just announced that we’ll be dealing with major food shortages, thanks to his sanctions against Russia — sanctions that he claims won’t do anything to stop the conflict, anyway.

This is on top of the soaring inflation and skyrocketing gas prices.

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So, now the American people have to suffer, over a regional conflict halfway around the world.

It’s amazing that just a couple of years ago everything was great and now, we’re living like communists.

So, you can’t blame people for expressing their angst against Joe Biden.


And that’s exactly what an MLB All-Star did when he wore a big, bold “Let’s Go Brandon” shirt to Spring Training.

That’s right, Padres superstar Manny Machado wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon” shirt at Spring Training.

Gotta love it, and he’s all smiles…

And as you can imagine, people loved it…

I’ve got spring fever! The support abounds all over our beautiful country.. People are waking up to how damaging President Houseplant actually is #LetsGoBrandon!”

“Well, the left insisted on putting politics into sports, so we’ll join in lol” 

“Knew I liked Machado from his Baltimore days”

“Looks like i am a Machado fan now!”

“Based machado”

“This is how the MAJORITY of AMERICANS REALLY feel!!!!(Not 81 MILLION like “they” keep trying to tell us)”

“Brandon is a pedophile approving hoax puppet.”

“Go Manny!!!”

“you know i always like that Machado fella”

Of course, liberals are having a meltdown, after they subjected us to years of disrespecting the anthem and worshiping Black Lives Matter during every sports game on the planet.


Turnabout is fair play.

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