New Bombshell Info About Robert Wagner Emerges in Natalie Wood Case, as Prosecutor Seeks to Reopen Investigation 

New Bombshell Info About Robert Wagner Emerges in Natalie Wood Case, as Prosecutor Seeks to Reopen Investigation 

The death of Natalie Wood has been a mystery for years.


While many people believe she died accidentally when she fell overboard off the yacht called, “Splendor,” others say her jealous husband Robert Wagner murdered her in a fit of rage.

Well, that theory may hold a lot more water, now that new bombshell info has emerged involving Robert Wagner and the night before Wood was killed.

Radar Online reported that in the weeks before Natalie Wood’s corpse was recovered off California’s Catalina Island on Nov. 29, 1981, she and husband Robert Wagner had a knock-down drag-them-out fight in a North Caroline hotel.

That’s yet another stunning claim from retired prosecutor Sam Peronni, who has sensationally petitioned the Los Angeles County Coroner/Medical Examiner’s office demanding they launch a coroner’s inquest jury.

In a second bombshell development, Peronni — a former Assistant U.S. Attorney in Arkansas — said Christopher Walken, Wood’s co-star in the movie Brainstorm, was there during the verbal stoush.

“I uncovered critical motive evidence from Natalie’s probate file and North Carolina where Natalie was shooting the film Brainstorm, including an argument between Natalie and Wagner in a hotel restaurant with Walken present,” wrote Perroni, in a copy of his petition reviewed by Radar.

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Perroni’s petition also claimed that “Wagner was in North Carolina the week before Natalie died, likely checking with spies he had watching her.”

He added, “Finally, I have proof from a good friend of Natalie’s that Wagner and Walken were arguing well before their Catalina Island trip started on November 27, 1981.”

Questions have always surrounded why Walken, now 78, joined Wood and Wagner for a pleasure cruise on Thanksgiving weekend in 1981.

It was there when Wood mysteriously vanished from the yacht, the Splendour. Aboard was her husband Wagner, Walken, and the ship’s captain, Dennis Davern.

Davern has described a harrowing two days of pettiness and rage from Wagner as he bristled over Wood and Walken’s friendship.
Her death was initially ruled an accidental drowning, although in 2011 the case was reopened. In 2013, a supplemental autopsy report changed her cause of death to drowning and other undetermined factors.


In 2018, Wagner was officially named a person of interest in the case. Los Angeles County Sheriff Department Homicide Detective Ralph Hernandez said he’d determined Wood was the victim of assault on the night of her death, by analyzing bruising patterns on her body.

And speaking of the captain on the yacht.

A few years ago he appeared on Dr. Phil’s show and shared why he believes Natalie was murdered.


Authorities have always said that Wagner’s story didn’t “add up.” The Hollywood Reporter reported that the central question has always been why Wood, one of the biggest movie stars of the time, would attempt to get in a dingy on her own, in the dark, only wearing pajamas and socks, to head into town after what witnesses describe was a loud fight with Wagner.

“We want to find out how she went into the water,” Corina said. “Was she unconscious and put in the water? Or did she accidentally fall in the water?”

Without Wagner’s help, they may never know. “We can never force him to talk to us. He has rights and he can not talk to us if he doesn’t want to,” Corina said.

He claimed that Wagner’s story has changed over the years, and said that Wagner did not immediately attempt to look for her once he determined that she was not on the boat.

The problem is, Wagner won’t talk to police.

Authorities have reopened the case before to try to solve Natalie’s death, with no luck.


Perhaps this new information will help them be successful this time around.

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