[VIDEO] There’s Been A Lot of Talk About Kamala’s Buffoonery, But Nobody Clobbered Her Like Newt Gingrich Just Did

[VIDEO] There’s Been A Lot of Talk About Kamala’s Buffoonery, But Nobody Clobbered Her Like Newt Gingrich Just Did

Nobody on earth thinks Kamala Harris is smart.


She’s a dumb lady.

And she’s an arrogant woman as well. She thinks she’s too good to “prepare” for things. We’ve heard rumors that Kamala doesn’t read her briefings, and that’s why she stammers and makes up “word salads” when she’s speaking.

There’s never been a time when Kamala sounded “prepared” or insightful. She stumbles and bumbles her way through all of her remarks and she comes off very insecure with that nervous cackling and just an all-around dumb and ditzy persona.

It’s no wonder she had to drop out of her presidential political race early.

Kamala was so bad in the Dem primary, that the math-nerd Andrew Yang was more popular.


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Recently, Kamala traveled to Poland and Romania, where she made a complete bungling fool of herself and the country on the world’s stage.

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She came home and did it again with this bizarre speech where she kept repeating the phrase “the passage of time” in the most awkward way possible.

Kamala is a train wreck. That’s not to say Joe isn’t, but at least he has an excuse… he obviously has dementia or Alzheimer’s.

And that brings us to Newt Gingrich, who took one of the sharpest jabs ever at Kamala.

Newt says we all have to “pray” for Joe Biden’s health, because if we end up with Kamala as “president,” it’s curtains for us because as Newt says, she’s the “dumbest person” ever installed as VP.


You can watch the video below:

Newt’s prayer plan may hit a snag.

It’s really starting to feel as if the top Handlers are ready to kick Joe to the curb.


Sure, Kamala is a laughingstock, and nobody takes her seriously, but one thing she has going for her is that she is NOT Joe Biden… and that might be enough for now.

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