New York Times Just Accidentally Confirmed Ashley Biden’s Diary, Too

New York Times Just Accidentally Confirmed Ashley Biden’s Diary, Too

The New York Times is on a roll lately.


They just admitted Hunter Biden’s laptop was real, and opened Pandora’s political box, and if that wasn’t bad enough for Joe, the NYT just struck again, by “accidentally” confirming that Ashley Biden’s creepy diary is also real.

Of course, we already knew it was real, and we really knew it when the FBI busted down the doors of Project Veritas, who got a copy of the diary but didn’t print it.

But the NYT is reminding everyone that the diary is indeed real.

There have been some stories written about the diary, which described one of the more disturbing parts Ashely wrote about, stating she was forced to take “inappropriate showers” with her father when she was young.

Sadly, that explains a lot, doesn’t it?

So, now, the NYT has doubled down and confirmed yet again the diary is real.

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Here’s what War Room cohost Raheem said in a tweet: “So the diary is real too. Big admissions week for NYT. But maybe the headline should be “Biden Daughter Diary Says President Took ‘Inappropriate Showers’ With Her as a Minor,” rather than focusing on… James O’Keefe? Just a thought.”


You have to wonder what’s going on right now, politically speaking.

There’s an awful lot of negative stuff coming out against Joe Biden.

Deeply personal and very damning stuff… and it’s not coming from the right, that’s for sure.


So, who’s doing it?

Well, some high-level “Handlers” are responsible for this. People that likely feel Joe Biden has overstayed his welcome, and he’s now a liability to the party and it’s time for him to go.

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