Conservative Pundit Points Out The Big “Miscalculation” Susan Rice and Obama Made About Joe Biden

Conservative Pundit Points Out The Big “Miscalculation” Susan Rice and Obama Made About Joe Biden

By now the consensus among most is that the two top Biden Handlers are Susan Rice and Barack Obama.


I think this makes perfect sense.

We all know that Obama has been looking for his “third term” since 2016 when Hillary was supposed to take over… but that didn’t turn out how he had hoped.

However, Obama didn’t want Joe to take over for him. He wanted someone like Elizabeth Warren or Mayor Pete to carry his torch… I think he was even more pleased with the idea of Kamala than Joe, but she performed so bloody awful in the Dem primary that she had to drop out before that math nerd Andrew Yang did.

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But, we all know how it turned out – once again, just like in 2016, Bernie was set to win, and the establishment couldn’t allow that to happen. There was no way in hell they could convince America that socialist Bernie won 81 million legal votes, no matter how many mail-in ballots they had at their disposal.

So, it was Joe or nothing, and the entire Dem and GOP establishment went all-in for Bumbling Basement-Dweller Biden.

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But did Susan and Obama make a critical mistake with Joe?

One conservative pundit says, yes, they did.


Former Newsmax host John Cardillo says that Obama and Rice miscalculated and thought they could “control” Joe Biden, but they underestimated the severity of Biden’s dementia, and now, that’s coming back to bite them in the communist butt.

Here’s what John said: “Obama and Rice thought they could control Biden. They miscalculated the severity of his dementia. He’s saying all the quiet parts out loud.”

After what we all witnessed this past week in Europe, I can see where John is going with this theory, and I think it holds water.

While some believe that what Joe did in Europe with all his “Putin gaffes” was part of a bigger plan to “scare” Putin, I am not so sure about that.

I don’t think anything Joe says or does will really “scare” the Russian President.

Vlad knows Joe has Alzheimer’s, and he also knows how unpopular Biden is in America… and while I am sure Putin knows others are pulling Joe’s strings, I think he’s also rolling the dice that those Handlers won’t make a move that will cause the Dems even more political heartache at the ballot box.

Putin knows Americans don’t want war and they also know the “face” of the Handler’s admin – Joe Biden – is a confused, bumbling idiot… and let’s not forget that Putin probably has a 100-pound file on Biden and Hunter that he’s holding over the admins head.

I truly believe that Team Biden thought they could pull a “Truman Show” and pull off this fake presidency without too many hitches, but clearly, that plan has backfired.


As John says, Joe’s brain is just too far gone, and he doesn’t appear to be the most “willing puppet” on the planet. I think Joe Biden actually believes he won the election with 81-million legal votes, and he has some “mandate” from the American people, and I think that’s also making things more difficult for the Handlers.

And their alternative, unpopular ditz Kamala, is also throwing a monkey wrench into the plan.


All in all, I would bet that Obama is sweating bullets over his “third term,” because it’s not going as smoothly as he thought it would… and after midterms, it’s only going to get worse.

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