[VIDEO] Pelosi Sounds 10 Sheets to The Wind, Slurring About What a “Perfect Gift” Joe Biden Is

[VIDEO] Pelosi Sounds 10 Sheets to The Wind, Slurring About What a “Perfect Gift” Joe Biden Is

I know it’s not “breaking news” when Nancy Pelosi sounds like she’s had a fistful of martinis for breakfast, but it’s important to call it out.


I am of the belief that every chance we get to mock these Marxist elites; we need to take it.

They shouldn’t have any rest, and everything they do should be placed under a microscope.

After all, that’s what they did to President Trump for over 4 years, so turnabout is fair-play, in my book.

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This time around, a drunken-sounding Pelosi was at the LBJ Presidential Library, and she went off on a slurring tangent about Joe Biden.

Pelosi is really feeling the heat, as Joe’s poll numbers continue to plummet.

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The latest poll has him at a horrific 34 pe4cent.

So, Pelosi is laying it on thick, trying to convince America that Joe Biden is a “perfect gift.”


Yeah, a gift from hell, maybe…

You can watch this video below:

These elites are so arrogant, they actually think their lies have such power over us.

As if inflation and soaring gas prices don’t matter, just their slippery words.


The narcissism and arrogance are stomach-turning.

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