[VIDEO] Damning Leaked Audio of Pelosi Emerges, Revealing Her Disdain For Everyday Americans

[VIDEO] Damning Leaked Audio of Pelosi Emerges, Revealing Her Disdain For Everyday Americans

You remember that absurd ice cream video Pelosi made, where she talked about her to see $14 dollar tubs of ice cream sitting in her $40k dollar refrigerators, right?


It was the height of political elitism.

Here you have this pampered, spoiled, elderly woman — a so-called “public servant” — living this Marie Antoinette lifestyle, with her outrageously expensive refrigerator packed full of insanely expensive ice cream, showcasing how wildly out of touch she truly is from the average American.

Well, speaking of that level of “elitism,” uncovered leaked audio has emerged of Pelosi showing her disdain for everyday Americans.

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Nobody is sure exactly where this audio is from, but they set the audio to a video of Pelosi and her fancy ice cream.

The two incidents are not actually related though.

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But this audio clip is very damning.

According to Pelosi, if you’re an American who gets up early to eat breakfast, you’re a “peasant.”

Good grief.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“I honestly can’t believe she actually used that word. There’s out of touch, then there’s Nancy Pelosi levels of of out of touch. We need a word or phrase to express how insane that sounds.”

“The elites even eat at a better time than I do. I am so far below them.”

“Always had a feeling that was how she referred to the people.”

“I couldn’t dispise Pelosi any more than I do.”

“She’s an out of touch serial liar and a corrupt person. Term limits!”

“I do admire her husband for marrying her, knowing damn well that he was going to wake up to that every morning for the next 50 years. God bless you,sir for taking one for the team. You’re a real Patriot.”

“That’s what most elitist think about the common American , I knew that’s how she viewed Americans .”

“To this day, she hasn’t learned about Fixodent.”

“Queen Nancy is showing her true colors as she sits on her pedestal”

This is how all Dems feel about middle-class Americans.

They don’t care about the struggles or the challenges any of us face.


“Shut up about gas prices, and buy a 60K electric car, peasants…” 

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