Are You Ready For “President Kamala”? Insiders Say Elites Are Actively Getting Rid of Joe Biden

Are You Ready For “President Kamala”? Insiders Say Elites Are Actively Getting Rid of Joe Biden

Are you ready for “President Kamala Harris”? I hate to say it, but it looks like that could be a very real possibility in the not-so-distant future.


I’ve been talking a lot about how the New York Times article about Hunter’s laptop was a huge sign the left was taking down Joe Biden.

Trust me when I say, they don’t want this guy around anymore.

He’s an anchor, dragging the entire party to the bottom of the political ocean. And while Kamala isn’t much better, she’s not Joe Biden, and right now, with how frustrated the country is with Bumbling Joe, that might be good enough to get a much-needed boost.

Not being Joe Biden is better than being Joe Biden.

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The NYT article was not a “right-wing hit piece” on Biden. It was definitely from the left. And you can bet that it’s coming from a “top-dog” in the party, my guess would be Obama, who wants to tee up Republicans to do his dirty work for him.

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And that’s where the laptop comes into play.

That laptop has everything – and more – that Republicans need to impeach Joe Biden.

The Federalist reported that Joe Biden is no longer useful to the ruling class. After being used to win an election, he’s now making it impossible for them to credibly foist on Americans the idea that his party could win another one with him on their masthead. The donkey is showing through the lion skin, and so they need a new donkey.


So while it seems utterly legitimate to insist on accountability such as appointing a special counsel to investigate the Biden family’s apparent corruption, that also could relieve the Democrat Party of their greatest liability. They’d probably deeply appreciate that, in fact. Biden got the ruling class what they wanted, and they don’t need him anymore. Getting rid of him now would in fact be highly convenient for maintaining their power.

Now, the question will be, can Kamala step up and save the party?

The short answer is absolutely not.

But remember, she will have the power of the entire media, social media, and scam-polling behind her.

She will be protected and boosted like nothing we’ve ever seen before.


It’s the only move Dems have to get rid of Joe and blame it on Republicans and try to save some sliver of 2024.

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