Randy Quaid Knows Exactly Why Pelosi and Biden Are Now Sinking to The Bottom of The Swamp

Randy Quaid Knows Exactly Why Pelosi and Biden Are Now Sinking to The Bottom of The Swamp

You can feel the tide has made a sharp turn in our favor.


Biden’s poll numbers are in the sewer and everything he and the Dems touch turns to you-know-what.

All the Dems’ bad policies are coming back to haunt them… defund the police, massive spending, tyrannical, failed COVID policies, high gas prices, soaring inflation, bad foreign policy blunders, and that’s just for starters.

But what happened? It’s like it all unraveled at once.

Well, as actor Randy Quaid points out, the left has lost control of its fake narrative… and he’s right.

Everything — all the lies and manipulation have finally caught up to them.

The defund the police nonsense has given way to soaring crime, Biden’s push for the “Green New Garbage” has caused gas prices to soar, his weakness on the economy has caused inflation to skyrocket and his cognitive issues have caused the country to go weak and the rest of the world is running amuck as a result.

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And the left has nothing to say about it, except to deflect and place blame on others.

Here’s what Randy said in his viral tweet: “They have lost control of their fake narrative on why everything is going to sh*t. They have no answers. You can see it on Brandon and Pelosi’s face. They are lost in the swamp.”

Here’s what people online are saying:

“They are arrogant and over confident. Shootin from the hip. Wingin it. NOT FOR MUCH LONGER.”

“They didn’t win, they know it, we know it, now, they’re just trying to shove through whatever they can, while they can” 

“They blame Trump, they blame the American people, now they blame Putin. People see the pattern” 

“Make the party of Saul Alinsky extinct. Jump ship Democrats. This is no longer the Party of President John F Kennedy. You didn’t leave them, they left you for radical ideology of a communist Saul Alinsky. Look him up and you will know exactly what I mean and why Biden sucks.”

“Randy’s right. Let’s see how long they try and run with this latest talking point…Putin is responsible for EVERYTHING! How convenient that they get to blame Putin again. This is getting old. Unless you’ve been in a cave since Jan 2021…you know exactly who’s at fault.”

“Let them drown in it….”

“And yet the DUMBASS Democrats keep following Pelosi and Biden right off the Clift Knowing that they are going to see the biggest shift in House seats maybe ever. Pelousi is guaranteeing them that most of them are going to lose in Nov. yet they fall in line like SHEEP.”

“Yes they are, Randy, and the quicksand is about to strangle them both.”

“You can’t lie and deceive continuously without putting your politics in your mouth! These two devils are outed!”


Dems have no answers, no plans…nothing but lies, division, and failed policies that cater to elites and destroy the middle-class.

All they can do now is hope and pray the American people are stupid enough to buy the piles of manure they’re selling.

Look at what Nancy is now trying to convince people of: “When we’re having this discussion, it’s important to dispel some of those who say, well it’s the government spending. No, it isn’t. The government spending is doing the exact reverse, reducing the national debt. It is not inflationary.”

Randy gets it – and so does most of America.


This is the end of the line for Dems… now, we just need to make sure the elections are secure so we can bury them in 2022 and 2024.

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