Telegraph Reporter Says in 20 Years, He’s Never Seen a WH More Mismanaged Or Disorganized Than Biden’s

Telegraph Reporter Says in 20 Years, He’s Never Seen a WH More Mismanaged Or Disorganized Than Biden’s

It’s no secret that Joe Biden and his so-called “White House” are imploding.


You don’t get 30 percent approval ratings from “pro-Dem” pollsters when you’re riding high on the hog.

We all see what’s happening, everyone in the world does… Joe Biden is suffering from some kind of cognitive issue, but the press and most of DC are both ignoring it and pretending like everything is a-okay.

Meanwhile, the American people are horrified at what they’re watching play out, with this senile buffoon saying dangerous and embarrassing things on the world’s stage.

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It’s what we see in front of us, and what’s going on behind the scenes that have joined forces to create a toxic, political circus.

The White House is reportedly in “damage control” mode as we speak, after Biden’s disastrous trip to Europe, where he created three “national security” issues.

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Everything feels like it’s falling apart, and one Telegraph reporter Nile Gardiner says, he’s never seen any White House worse than this.


Here’s what Nile said: “In 20 years in Washington I have not seen a White House that is more disorganized or mismanaged than the Biden Presidency, with both the President’s and Vice President’s office. It has a distinctly Monty Python-esque satirical feel to it. John Cleese would have had a field day.”

Here’s what people are saying:

“In 14 months we’ve gone from “Build Back Better!” to “Food shortages are gonna be real.” But instead of worrying about starving, I’m worried about nuclear war. This guy is Carter on steroids.”

“Maybe because Joe Biden really isn’t President, and there is no one in the White House? Maybe this is a Hollywood movie.”

“What’s most shocking is that there are people out there who don’t see this and actually believe Biden is doing a good job” 

“I am a Biden voter, but here’s the problem. While I agree Trump’s WH was chaotic, we were told if we voted for Biden, the “adults would be back in charge,” and that didn’t happen” 

“Biden was supposed to be the “return to normal” and he’s more chaotic and crazy than ever” 

“The problem is not so much the chaos behind the scenes, it’s the chaos we all see every day when Biden open’s his mouth” 

Biden hasn’t built back anything better.

As a matter of fact, everything is worse.


At this point, America needs a “rescue plan” from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

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