Richard Grenell Announces Big News On The Hunter Biden Saga

Richard Grenell Announces Big News On The Hunter Biden Saga

Things are already heating up for the “Big Guy” and Hunter Biden, and the November mid-terms are still about 7 months off.


But Republicans and conservative voters are feeling very optimistic about flipping Congress in 2022, and are already making plans for what’s to come under GOP House rule.

And it doesn’t bode well for Hunter or the “Big Guy,” but for us, it feels like some “justice” could be coming their way.

Former top spy chief Richard Grenell took to Twitter, where he lambasted New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman for showing no interest whatsoever in Hunter’s business contracts or in the identity of the infamous “Big Guy.”

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It’s not surprising. Our media is not focused on “news.” They are a propaganda machine for the left.

But it wasn’t all bad… Richard shared some very good news, as well.

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He posted an article from The New York Post, where Elise Stefanik confirms that yes, Hunter Biden will be subpoenaed by House Republicans.


Here’s what Richard said: “Who’s the Big Guy who got 10% from Hunter Biden’s contracts? @maggieNYT isn’t interested in who it is – but a Republican Congress will find out. Thanks, @EliseStefanik.”

The New York Post reported that if the GOP retakes control of Congress, Hunter Biden will be hauled before the House of Representatives and forced to reveal the identity of “the big guy” and address other unanswered questions about the contents of his infamous laptop, Republicans said.

“It should concern every American that they did this for the Biden family’s financial gain, which came at the cost of our national security,” Stefanik said of the laptop evidence.

The latest threat from GOP leadership comes amid growing calls by Republicans nationwide for a broad new inquiry into the president’s son.

“The big guy” — a mysterious moniker found on the hard drive — is described as a partner in a Chinese business venture entitled to 10 percent of the profits, according to a laptop email from Hunter Biden’s business partner James Gilliar. The big guy’s share was to be held for him by Hunter.


Hunter Biden has never voluntarily explained who “the big guy” is — and has never been asked the question in multiple friendly interviews.

“That’s one of the critical questions — perhaps the most critical question,” said Stefanik, adding that she believes “the big guy” was Joe Biden. Tony Bobulinski, another Hunter Biden business partner who appeared frequently in hard-drive emails, has said there is “no question” President Biden was “the big guy.”

If confirmed, it would tie the president concretely to the web of shady foreign business ventures his son finagled over the last decade.

“The American people absolutely deserve answers,” Stefanik said. “There is no greater ethical concern or frankly conspiracy … whether this president is compromised because of his illegal ties to his family members.”

“We will subpoena Hunter Biden,” said House GOP conference chair Elise Stefanik bluntly in an interview with The Post.

Oh, it’ll be great to get this crackhead under oath and hear what he has to say about the identity of the “Big Guy,” who we all know is Joe Biden. 🍿


Make sure you get out and vote like your life and your country depend on it this November… because they BOTH do.

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