[VIDEO] Biden’s “Second-String” Press Team Bolts Out of Their Own Presser Without Taking a Single Question

[VIDEO] Biden’s “Second-String” Press Team Bolts Out of Their Own Presser Without Taking a Single Question

Triple-vaxed Jen Psaki is still sick with “COVID,” so they’ve got the second-string bench-warmers working the press briefing room, and, like everything else “Biden-related,” it was a total disaster.


So, it appears they had a presser set up, likely to clear up more questions after Biden’s dumpster fire presser earlier today, where he denied causing THREE “national security” calamities while he was in Europe.


My guess is that nobody in that briefing room had a mop big enough to respond to reporters’ questions about what Biden just said, so they bolted.

It’s a very awkward moment, but something we’ve come to expect from Biden’s admin.

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You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:


“The entire ADMIN is worthless. ShitBirds all of them. “

“Every day is like an SNL skit” 

“This admin is a bad joke…”

I wouldn’t want to field questions for #JoeBiden either”

“Apparently need to coordinate on their next set of lies, first?”

“Seriously? And how much are we the taxpayers paying these fools “

“Lmaoooo there’s actual fear in their eyes. What a shitshow” 

“We have a President starting WW3 and the WH can only handle emailed questions bc nobody in the admin will answer a press question directly? Why, bc they keep having to change their answers? Or have clarifications for each other? THIS is dictatorship! “

“Are they even over the age of 18??? Most look exactly as I pictured in my mind.”

“They couldn’t get out of there fast enough .”

What’s really scary, is that there are actual Americans out there who truly believe that Biden and his team are doing a “great job.”


Thankfully, those nutjobs are in the minority.

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