[VIDEO] Trump Just Gave Stuart Varney A “Mic-Drop” Response to Why Biden’s Foreign Policy Sucks So Badly

[VIDEO] Trump Just Gave Stuart Varney A “Mic-Drop” Response to Why Biden’s Foreign Policy Sucks So Badly

The one thing we can always count on with President Trump is that he’ll never hold back, and he’ll always tell the God’s honest truth about whatever he’s asked.


So, when he appeared recently on Fox Business with Stuart Varney, he was asked why Biden was screwing up his foreign policy so badly.

And it really is screwed up, badly.

It’s gotten to the point now, where Biden is so shamelessly disrespected and has become such a joke to the rest of the world, that some world leaders don’t even take his calls.

And he could not build his “coalition” against Russia like he thought he could.

India, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and China told Joe to take a hike.

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Word has it, the Saudis won’t even talk to him.

Why would they? I am sure they couldn’t understand him if they did.

Stuart and President Trump discussed Biden’s mess, and finally, Stuart asked President Trump why Biden was doing this — why was he making such a complete mess of everything?

And President Trump’s response was classic – one of those Trump mic-drop moments, where he just gave the most simple and basic – yet brutally honest – responses.


You can watch the video below:

This really makes me miss President Trump even more.

But it’s been great seeing him holding rallies and doing more and more interviews.


It’s starting to feel like the old days, and as Truth gets up to speed, we’ll soon have him back on social media, which will be especially awesome.

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