Hodge Twins Have One Very Good Question About Hunter’s Laptop That Not Enough People Are Asking…

Hodge Twins Have One Very Good Question About Hunter’s Laptop That Not Enough People Are Asking…

Well, the mainstream media has finally decided it’s “safe” to admit that Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell is actually real.


Many are wondering why this is coming out now?

Well, there are a lot of theories, the one that I tend to gravitate towards is the theory that Obama wants to get rid of Joe Biden in 2023 because he thinks Dems will have a better chance in 2024 if Dementia Man is a distant memory… So, his camp is dropping this little Hunter nugget now, to lay the groundwork for the investigations and impeachment to come.

In other words, Dems will let Republicans do their dirty work for them and get rid of Biden.

MORE NEWS: GOP House Candidate Has Plan For “Intel Experts” Who Lied And Said Hunter’s Laptop Was “Russian Disinformation”

But how can Hunter’s laptop from hell get Biden impeached?

Well, that’s a good question, and the Hodge Twins actually helped answer it, with a humdinger question of their own…

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It all has to do with the “Big Guy and his 10 percent.”

You remember him right?


Are we now going to find out who he really is…as if we don’t already know lol…

Daily Mail US on Twitter: "Hunter Biden emails 'identify Joe Biden as ''the Big Guy'' who would receive 10% share in deal with Chinese energy firm', report says https://t.co/YeecEp3pXc https://t.co/d3Hcz2KDlD" / Twitter

Here’s what the Hodge Twins asked: “Now that the media acknowledged that the Hunter Biden laptop and emails are real, are we finally going to find out who the “big guy” is that got 10%?? I think we already know that one too.”

Really makes you wonder what happened to Tony Bobulinski, doesn’t it?


Sure would be nice to hear from him again, and something tells me when Republicans take over Congress in 2022, Tony might make his comeback.

Because nobody knows more about The Big Guy and his “10 percent” than Tony does.

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