[VIDEO] Massive Anti-Trudeau Protests in London Force Justin to “Sneak” Into Meeting With Boris Johnson

[VIDEO] Massive Anti-Trudeau Protests in London Force Justin to “Sneak” Into Meeting With Boris Johnson

While the media may want you to think the turmoil between the Canadian truckers and Trudeau has smoothed over,  don’t believe them.


It looks like people all over the world are still pretty pissed-off at tyrant Justin.

So much so, that recently in London, Trudeau faced down a huge protest in his honor, where people chanted “F**k Trudeau” on repeat, nice and loud.


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That’s how all globalist tyrants should be greeted.

Watch the videos:

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The protests were actually so bad that Trudeau couldn’t get into his meeting with Boris Johnson and had to sneak in through the back entrance.

Express UK reported that visiting leaders traditionally use the main Whitehall entrance when visiting Number 10, with politicians normally filmed walking up to the iconic front door using the right-side pavement.

But in footage being shared online, Mr. Trudeau can be seen approaching Boris Johnson from the left side, suggesting he used a different entrance to get to Number 10.

CBC senior reporter Travis Dhanraj shared the video, captioning the footage: “PM Justin Trudeau arrives at 10 Downing from alternate entrance due to protest.”

He then posted further footage of the arrival, showing a group of protesters at Downing Street’s Whitehall entrance, noting: “This is why Justin Trudeau didn’t arrive through main entrance as Mark Rutte did.”

This is beyond hilarious, and you know Trudeau has got to be just stewing in anger over this.



This is exactly how Justin should be treated wherever he goes.

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