[VIDEO] Now We Know “Real Reason” Adam Kinzinger Hates Trump…He Begged For a Job and Didn’t Get It

[VIDEO] Now We Know “Real Reason” Adam Kinzinger Hates Trump…He Begged For a Job and Didn’t Get It

Have you ever wondered why Adam Kinzinger hates President Trump so much?


I mean, we all know Kinzinger is a globalist warmonger but is that what drives all that seething hate he has for President Trump and his supporters?

Apparently not.

We now know the real reason Kinzinger hates Trump, and it’s about a job Adam begged for and didn’t get.

Typical butt-hurt rejection rage — the same thing that crazy Judge Nap from Fox News went through when he didn’t get a nomination to the SCOTUS, and Kellyanne Conway’s husband George, who lashed out like a crazy man after he didn’t get a job he wanted as well.

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Tucker Carlson talked about the jilted Kinzinger on a recent show. Apparently, Adam wanted desperately to become Trump’s Secretary of the Airforce.

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“Recently, Rep. @AdamKinzinger said his greatest regret was not voting to impeach Trump in 2019. But, did you know that in that same year, he was publicly auditioning to become the Trump admin’s Secretary of the Air Force? Tucker Carlson and @PhilipWegmann discuss.”


You can watch the video below:

Sebastian Gorka wasted no time calling Kinzinger out:

“Hey @AdamKinzinger, is it true you groveled to the Trump Administration to become Secretary of the Air Force?”

This explains so much.

There are a lot of coattail riders who try to use President Trump for a leg up and then when it doesn’t pan out they lose it and lash out.

One that comes to mind is Omarosa and that little pipsqueak who was press secretary for 2 days.


Kinzinger is a classic wannabe, who is now filled with rage because he didn’t get what he wanted.

Good thing this mentally and emotionally unstable abuser won’t be around much longer.

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