Reagan Biographer Tells Trump to Add This “One Person” to His Campaign, And 2024 is All His

Reagan Biographer Tells Trump to Add This “One Person” to His Campaign, And 2024 is All His

Well, good news! We all know by now that President Trump is running again in 2024.


Back in January, he said as much while he was on the golf course.


He’s also made similar comments at his recent rallies.

So, it’s clear that he’s running… and while we’re thrilled, some are worried.

Not because we don’t trust Trump, but because we all now know the lengths the left will go to in order to stop him. And he will need a lot of good people around him. People who understand the game, but who are also on his side.

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In the past, there have been too many backstabbers.

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And because of that, the author who wrote Reagan’s biography has some advice for President Trump as he looks to 2024.

He says all Trump has to do is keep this one guy close to him through it all and he’ll be a shoo-in.

From Town Hall

If I were to give my advice, I would begin by telling Trump to keep former House Speaker Newt Gingrich close at hand as he lays the groundwork for a possible rerun. Aside from being my good friend, Newt is perhaps the smartest person in American politics today. He is polished, articulate, knowledgeable of laws and legislation, and can provide Trump (and by extension the entire GOP) with the ideas they’ll need to gain control of Washington if they win the House, Senate, and White House back in the coming years.

What Trump doesn’t need to do is keep those who bring needless controversy and buffoonery to his brand within his circle. He doesn’t need an endless menagerie of political consultants who only know how to lose elections.

As we all know, one of his biggest issues was hiring and trusting swamp creatures. Let’s face it, most people in the swamp are snakes.


The piece goes on to say that President Trump needs to focus on 2024, and leave 2020 behind him.

That election is said and done, and Trump’s primary focus should be looking to the future and how he can win there rather than harebrained schemes to overturn Joe Biden’s win that are likely doomed to failure. The vast majority of voters care more about what will make their lives easier and put food on their table than they do about convoluted election cases.

Joe Biden is the worst president on the books since Jimmy Carter. He goes into a town and bridges collapse. Regardless of who ends up being the Republican standard bearer, that person will need competent advisors for their campaign. At the end of the day Americans want competency, and surrounding himself with competent people will go a long way for Trump when it comes time for Americans to cast their vote in the next presidential election.


What do you think about this advice?

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