Watch: Tucker Partied With Kid Rock at His Nashville Bar Before The Big Interview Went Down

Watch: Tucker Partied With Kid Rock at His Nashville Bar Before The Big Interview Went Down

Tucker Carlson interviewed rebel rocker Kid Rock this past weekend, and it was very entertaining.


Tucker asked Kid Rock about “cancel culture,” and Kid declared that he’s uncancelable.

He’s not beholden to any corporate ties or anything like that, so nobody can cancel him, but he loves it when they try.

Take a sneak peek:

But before the big interview, Tucker partied and had some fun with Kid Rock at his Nashville Bar.

TMZ reported that Tucker Carlson has a forthcoming interview with Kid Rock — and it seems they got pretty chummy off-camera … hanging out at the latter’s bar and having a few laughs.

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The FOX News host was spotted letting his hair down Saturday night at KR’s Big Ass Honky Tonk restaurant in Nashville, where he was given the VIP treatment right from the get-go.
We’re told Tuck was whisked away to the VIP “Cadillac P***y Room,” and eventually took in the musical showdown below from an upper deck area … where he and Kid were chopping it up and enjoying some beverages.

Eyewitnesses even say that Kid got on the mic at one point and announced that Tucker was in the house, to which the audience roared and chanted “USA.” There were other types of chanting too, BTW.

Kid eventually helped kick off a “Let’s Go Brandon” war cry, which as you know is not-so-hidden code for “F*** Joe Biden” — something that’s become a go-to slogan for conservatives.


You can watch the video below:

I love it. It’s great to see Kid Rock be such a strong and fearless conservative.

Boy, him and Tucker in the same room — talk about liberal heads exploding, right?


All they had to do was add President Trump to the mix, and liberals would have literally jumped off a cliff.

Hmm. Maybe they should do that next time? 🤔 🤣

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