VIDEO: Tucker Declares Open Season on the Biden Crime Family After NYT Throws Hunter Under the Bus

VIDEO: Tucker Declares Open Season on the Biden Crime Family After NYT Throws Hunter Under the Bus

It’s been over a year since the media and big tech fought to suppress Hunter Biden’s laptop bombshell, and suddenly, media giant New York Times has finally vetted the story and decided it was “okay” to admit it’s real.


It’s an absolute slap in the face to the American people and illustrates just how far these cronies will go to cover for the Biden crime family and rig elections.

But as Tucker points out, the cat is now officially out of the bag now that the media is acknowledging the contents of Hunter’s laptop and his trail of misdeeds leads right to the doorstep of the White House.

MORE NEWS: Screenwriter Gadi Taub Re-Designed NYT Headline About Hunter’s Laptop to Make It More “Accurate”

Many people believe Joe Biden is the most compromised “president” who’s ever occupied the White House.

How could he not be? His crackhead son is an irresponsible loser, who’s prone to parading his perverted practices on video.

Of course, our enemies have copes of everything.

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Watch the video:

While this vetting and discussion about Hunter should’ve happened before the 2020 election even took place, it’s certainly better late than never.


And Hunter is already facing major heat and could very well face an indictment for his crimes.

From The Daily Mail

The attorney for Lunden Alexis Roberts – the mother of one of Hunter Biden’s five children – revealed he turned over to federal investigators a ‘significant amount’ of Hunter’s financial records and said he would be ‘surprised’ if he was not indicted.

Clint Lancaster, who represents Roberts, said that he was complying with a subpoena in turning over ‘a significant amount of Hunter’s financial records,’ and that both he and Roberts were interviewed by investigators.

Lancaster told CNBC that he and Roberts had spoken with an assistant U.S. attorney, an FBI agent and an IRS agent — ‘one that carries a badge and gun’ over a year ago in Little Rock, Ark.

‘I expect him to be indicted,’ the attorney said of Biden. ‘Just based on what I saw in his financial records, I would be surprised if he’s not indicted.’

Now the real question is, if Hunter is to be convicted, what consequences will Joe face for it?


Or will the leftist media continue to cover for him?

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