Where Is Clarence Thomas? Latest So-Called “Update” Triggers Panic

Where Is Clarence Thomas? Latest So-Called “Update” Triggers Panic

We haven’t gotten an update on Clarence Thomas in days.


We were told on Sunday that he’d be out of the hospital in a couple of days.

It’s now the end of Wednesday, and we’ve heard nothing.

The official SCOTUS Blog Twitter account wrote this on Wednesday morning:

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“Still no updates from the Supreme Court on Clarence Thomas, who has been in the hospital since Friday with an unspecified infection. The court did not disclose the hospitalization until Sunday evening, and the court said then that he expected to be released within a day or two.”

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This is the last official “update” we got — if you want to even call it that:

“The U.S. Supreme Court declined to provide an update on Wednesday about whether Justice Clarence Thomas remains in the hospital after he experienced a “flu-like infection.”

I can tell you that people online are very concerned and some are even panicking:

“The country can’t handle his death right now.”

“Infection, but if you read the release says flu like symptoms. Strange.”

“I have a bad feeling about this.” 

“No new update today. Where’s Clarence?”

“We need him more now than ever.”

“I hope he is well Guarded”

“You don’t do 4 days in the hospital with the ‘flu’ unless your O2 sats are terrible. He’s in trouble.”

“After what they did to Justice Scalia, I sure hope Justice Thomas has heavy security … trusted security… around him.”

“This is how Biden “fixes” SCOTUS. “

Please, keep Justice Thomas in your prayers.


We need him. America needs him strong and healthy.

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