White House Was Just Warned Not to Destroy Anything Related to Hunter Biden’s Laptop

White House Was Just Warned Not to Destroy Anything Related to Hunter Biden’s Laptop

A red wave is set to hit this November, and once the dust settles the GOP has their sights set on one infamous laptop.


Hunter Biden is already under investigation for financial fraud, and now it looks like the contents of his entire hard drive are going to be gone over with a fine-tooth comb.

But, who knows what could happen between now and November with that laptop, especially with it being so close to so many grubby hands.

But Darrell Issa is already two steps ahead of the White House and he just issued a warning to them not to destroy anything on Hunter’s laptop.

Fox News reported that Rep. Issa is sending letters to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, White House chief of staff Ronald Klain, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, multiple former U.S. intelligence officials, and others, demanding that they preserve all Hunter Biden-related records.

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“I write to request you immediately initiate document preservation for all materials relating to questions, inquiry, conversation, strategy, and response, from 2020 to current, to the media reporting of the Hunter Biden laptop and/or its contents that first appeared in the New York Post on October 14, 2020,” Issa wrote in the letters shared with Fox News.

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“Material preservation is essential for Congress to conduct a comprehensive fact-finding investigation into actions by technology companies, media organization and political allies to suppress information and prevent public awareness of matters involving the Biden Family,” Issa wrote.


The New York Times last week confirmed the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, which was left in a Delaware repair shop in 2019 by the first son before being turned over to the FBI by the repair shop owner. Previously, the newspaper dismissed the laptop story as “Russian disinformation” at the height of the 2020 presidential campaign and claimed in a September 2021 piece that The New York Post’s reporting on the laptop was “unsubstantiated.” Social media companies at the time suspended The Post’s accounts and blocked users from sharing the story, citing policies that don’t allow the distribution of hacked material.

It’s a pretty sad day when you have to worry about our own government destroying documents.


But this is the Biden administration we’re talking about…and you can’t be too careful.

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