[VIDEO] 10-Year-Old Girl’s Homework Included Asking Her Father About His Erections and Ejaculation 

[VIDEO] 10-Year-Old Girl’s Homework Included Asking Her Father About His Erections and Ejaculation 

When I say the left is going after your kids, I am not joking.

There is nothing more dangerous than the radical LGBTQ agenda because it’s not about “accepting” gay marriage – it’s about pushing every sexual taboo and boundary until they’re all mainstream. And yes, that includes pedophilia.


And it will happen, even though most Americans can’t believe it.

Ten years ago did you ever think it’d be “normal” to say men can have a period and give birth? And yet, here we are.

This is a good rule of thumb to live by: if you give the left an inch, they’ll take 1000 miles from you without even blinking an eye.

And trust me, before you even know what happened, your child will have been professionally “groomed” by a progressive pervert in the classroom.

Don’t believe me?

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Look at what happened in Australia with one 10-year-old little girl.

Rebel News reported that Victorian MP Bernie Finn alleges the Education Department is exposing girls as young as 10 to inappropriate sexual material during school classes.

Finn raised the matter publicly with the Minister for Education, Labor MP James Merlino, stating:

“It is not often in this job I am absolutely shocked. I thought I’d seen everything.”

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Finn read out a letter from a constituent who shared a worksheet given to their 10-year-old daughter at school.

In quoting the letter, Finn said, “Part of her homework was to discuss his erections and ejaculation with her father. I find this very disturbing and sickening. I have complained to the school and was told it was just part of the curriculum. […] My daughter still plays with dolls and writes letters to the tooth fairy. There is no way any little girl should be told to ask these questions.”
Finn then turned on the Chamber and furiously added, “Well, so say all of us. What the hell is going on in this state when 10-year-old girls are told to go home and talk to their father about his erections and ejaculations? What the hell is going on here?!

“How the hell are we supposed to protect our kids when this sort of perversion is in our schools?

“This is what is being dished up to them on a daily basis in a primary school – not even a secondary school – a primary school. This is just unbelievable. It’s staggering.

“I could not imagine the reaction – I have three daughters – I could not imagine the reaction of any of them if they were told to do that. They would be traumatised for life. I don’t think they’d ever recover. I’m not sure I’d recover.

“It seems to be a part of the ongoing war by the Andrews government against children – in particular – in this state. Let kids be kids.

“It is deplorable.”


You can watch the video below:

And while this may be one of the boldest moves we’ve seen yet, trust me when I say, THIS is also happening in the United States.

Especially now, with hugely influential companies like Disney getting on board and vowing to push sexual queer lifestyles to kids.

If there was ever a “hill” for conservatives to fight. And die on, it’s this one.


If we don’t save our nation’s kids from this type of manipulation and mental abuse, our country is doomed.

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