[VIDEO] Karma Just Walloped RINO Adam Kinzinger During His “Live Stream” Event

[VIDEO] Karma Just Walloped RINO Adam Kinzinger During His “Live Stream” Event

Is there anything sadder than watching these irrelevant anti-Trump RINOs like Adam Kinzinger strutting around, trying to act like they’ve got a point of view or a message that anyone on earth wants to hear?


The only support that people like Kinzinger and Cheney get is from TDS liberals online, but when it comes to real political support, they’ve got absolutely nothing.

Kinzinger has always been a globalist who hated President Trump. But he kept his TDS on the down low for most of President Trump’s first term. However, right after the sham election, he let his true colors be known.

I think Adam thought this was the “end” for President Trump, which just shows you what a clueless dope this guy is.

As you likely know, Kinzinger is retiring, so we won’t have to deal with him in Congress for much longer, but he has a SuperPac designed to “defeat” MAGA candidates in primaries.

He’s a one-man Lincoln Project sh*tshow.

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But there’s some good news in all of this.

Kinzinger was recently humiliated — last night actually, when he held a “live streaming” event from Georgetown University.

Karma showed up and smacked Kinzinger in the face with a humble pie.

Alex Brueswitz, a Trump supporter and America First activist watched the live-stream event with a colleague of his and announced the total viewership for Adam’s live event was a humiliating 7 people, including Alex and his colleague, so technically 5 people.



A whopping 7 People watched this live stream and 2 of those people were Kinzinger-haters.


Here’s what people online had to say:

“Was he crying?”

“Karama is a beautiful thing” 

“Adam needs to find a new job. Maybe feeding pigs”

“This clown thinks he can run against President Trump and win lmao” 

“This warms my heart and just made my day. Thank you!” 

“I heard that during President Trump’s first term in office that he asked President Trump for a job & I guess the President turned him down.”

“He is a JERK, and Has a EGO the size of the earth. Time to bust his Ego. Think tonight helped some”

“Adam…you did this to yourself. You are pathetic Leftist puppet by choice.”

“I love when these RINOs are humiliated. Make sure to mock this loser all day for it” 

This is what’s left of Adam’s political legacy…


He and five people, commiserating over how “MAGA” took over the Republican Party.

How pathetic and fitting for this traitorous loser.

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