White House Reaction to a Bird Pooping on Joe Biden is Very “Truman Show-esque”

White House Reaction to a Bird Pooping on Joe Biden is Very “Truman Show-esque”

Isn’t it starting to feel like God is punishing Joe Biden for cheating?


I mean that in all seriousness.. call it God, karma, justice, whatever you want, but it feels like this guy getting his just desserts every single day… nothing, and I mean NOTHING goes this man’s way.

His entire fake presidency has turned into one giant folly.

It’s gotten so bad, that if there’s a possibility of something going wrong for Joe, it 100 percent will.

Just look at what happened yesterday in Iowa during a speech Biden was trying to gurgle out of his mouth.

In the middle of his remarks, a bird appears to have taken a giant poop on his shoulder.

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The Biden Team didn’t like the “sh*tty” jokes and poopy narrative flooding the internet, so White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield came out with this insane response:

“If you guys knew your way around a corn silo at all, you’d know it was corn.”


They’re just making sh*t up as they go, aren’t they?

Pun intended…

This is yet another “man behind the curtain” moment, where the “Joe Show” producers swoop in to retell the story.

“No, your eyes are lying, let us tell you what really happened…” 


It’s like watching the Truman Show.

And trust me, people had a lot to say about that…

“Corn? Nah, that looks like bird sh*t to me” 

“Was it corn or bird excrement? I don’t know. I’m not a botanist or an ornithologist!”

“Just stop the lies for once omg”

“So far, Biden’s Communications Director has not tweeted once today about consumer prices spiking at 8.5%…but has tweeted about bird poop.”

“Yeah. Corn. It’s so obvious and it happens every day. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had a corn kernel fall on me out of nowhere. I remember one time after football practice my freshman year. I was sitting under a tree and a kernel landed on my thigh.”

“After it went through a bird?”

“Cornpop sh*t on Biden?”

“Creamed corn from a silo? OK…that sounds real. Idiots” 

“hat’s not even close to being corn.”

“What are you, a cornologist?”

“And obviously, you don’t KNOW what a corn silo is! They are round, not square dummy. Want fries with that foot? LOL” 

“Anyone from Iowa like myself that knows their way around grain storage knows they’re pigeon magnets.”

“So… this is the spin? Last time I threw corn it bounced all over the place.”

I am really enjoying the memes on this one.

They’re fantastic.

I can’t believe Joe’s team thinks Americans are stupid enough to believe that a kernel of corn exploded on his shoulder.


Well, on second thought, I do, because they also think we’re dumb enough to believe it’s Putin’s fault for the high gas prices and soaring inflation.

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