[VIDEO] One Scene From Little-Known 2007 Tom Crusie Movie Foretold Biden’s Exact Foreign Policy

[VIDEO] One Scene From Little-Known 2007 Tom Crusie Movie Foretold Biden’s Exact Foreign Policy

There are some things that you watch and they feel downright spooky.


And this is one of those times.

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A very savvy Twitter user found this clip from a 2007 Tom Cruise movie that is EXACTLY the plot of Biden’s disastrous foreign policy nightmare.

I had never even heard of this movie. Apparently, it bombed at the theaters.

It’s called, “Lions For Lambs,” and this scene between Tom Cruise and Merryl Streep is so bizarrely familiar to what we’re dealing with today under the failed Biden admin.

It’s so close, it makes you wonder if the CIA is writing and directing movies and wars at the same time.

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You can watch the video below:

Here’s what folks online had to say about this very, very bizarre scene:

“Coincidence? No such thing… too many variables..”

“Doesn’t Hollywood often take direction or consult with our government?”

“Ahhh, good ‘ole Hollywood predictive programming. Just like V for Vendetta 2005 and Contagion 2011. The list is long.”

“WOW. this aged well. Regretfully.”

“They always let out the truth in predictive programming !”

“There’s a lot of influence from the CIA in Hollywood. It’s a known fact. Also the CIA owns Amazon and WaPo. They are instrumental in the furtherment of the one world government worldwide.”

“Sad state of affairs when Tom cruise knows more than the president”

“It would appear that someone thought to test the theory in a movie, found it well-received then implemented it after the movie was forgotten… Still think conspiracy theorists are nutjobs? This was apparently the plan all along…and we fell for it.”

“They knew it in 2007, but somehow Miley and Biden’s administration didn’t have a clue in 2021 LOL” 


Stuff like this is really spooky and scary – it makes you think that all those so-called “crazy conspiracy theorists” aren’t that crazy after all.

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