Fact Checkers Claim Biden Wasn’t Handshaking “Thin Air,” They Say There’s a Perfectly Logical Explanation…

Fact Checkers Claim Biden Wasn’t Handshaking “Thin Air,” They Say There’s a Perfectly Logical Explanation…

You remember Biden’s “thin air” handshake, right? It was everywhere, even SNL covered it.


In case you’ve forgotten, here it is again:

As you can clearly see, Biden holds his hand out, as if he’s about to “shake hands” with someone.

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Then he quickly turns and looks lost and confused as he tries to make his way offstage. It was a disturbing scene to witness for many people.

But now the “fact-checkers” have rushed in and they say, Biden was actually NOT shaking hands with “thin air,” and they claim there’s a perfectly logical explanation for what happened.

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Politifact says rumors of Biden shaking hands with a “ghost” are being spread as part of some “conspiracy” to make Joe seem “mentally incapable”

They also say, he was not waiting to shake anyone’s hand; he was just using his entire hand to point at people in the audience.

Here’s what Politifact said:

You might have seen a clip of President Joe Biden “shaking hands” with thin air. It never happened. Here’s the truth, as well as how misinformers manufacture and embellish embarrassing presidential moments:

The claim appeared on YouTube and Twitter, shared by Republicans like Sen. Ted Cruz. It even appeared on Instagram, where Snoop Dogg shared the video with his followers.

It even showed up on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, mentioned at the very beginning of the segment after they mentioned Biden’s low approval ratings.

But videos show that Biden was actually pointing at the audience behind him with his whole hand. He acknowledges the right side, then the left, and begins to walk forward.

The video is one of many that form a history of comedic and embarrassing presidential moments that garnered public attention. Efforts to portray presidents as ineffective or seize on moments that make them look that way are not new.

Real, unscripted moments have often been counted among critics and late-night hosts as embarrassments, such as when former President Donald Trump slow-walked down a ramp, or when Biden stumbled on his way up the stairs of Air Force One.

But an increasing share of the supposedly embarrassing presidential moments going viral online aren’t fully authentic or fake. Instead, real photos and videos have been edited in misleading ways — ways that will usually find a receptive audience.

“When we look at something that seems like one of these human moments, we’re like, ‘I don’t need to know anything. I can see it right there,’” research scientist Mike Caulfield said. “It does breed, I think, a false sense of confidence in us.”

Caulfield said he recommends looking at how compelling a shortened clip of the president appears on first watch, and then seeing if it’s equally as compelling in its complete context.


Many people aren’t buying that story:

“These fact-checkers turn themselves into pretzels to rescue Joe lol” 

“Nice that you’re doing all the heavy-lifting for Joe.”

“Ignore what your eyes tell saw, and just believe the liberal factcheckers” 

“So many facts from the governments fact checkers. I pity people who would hang onto this as actual facts.”

“You must be joking? I watched it several times. I Really don’t believe “he was pointing with his whole hand at the audience behind him” when there was barely anyone behind him? And, yes, he did try to do it again on the other side. And began to walk aimlessly- Not forward.”

“Notice how they don’t fact check the part where Joe wanders around like a confused nursing home patient” 

“Do you think it helps or hurts your brand to post things like this?”

“You know anyone else who points like a handshake with their whole hand? Just saying” 

“This is some of the most amazing shit I’ve ever read.”

“1984: “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

“I’m pointing with my whole hand in agreement at this wonderful take.”

“Pointing with his whole hand …” like a handshake with thin air, but not a handshake with thin air. Because we say so.”

“Um, it was at this moment that his hand was extended, and you’re saying he was “pointing at the crowd with his entire hand”? His very next move was to turn further to his right and look at nothing for a second before getting ready to wander off. He was lost.”

Well, I’ll have to remember that cool new “pointing move” Joe did.


I’ve never ever heard of anyone pointing that way, but I guess it’s the cool new thing all the 80-year-olds are doing.

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