Emmanuel Macron Refuses Biden’s Call After His Election Win, But Takes One From Zelensky

Emmanuel Macron Refuses Biden’s Call After His Election Win, But Takes One From Zelensky

If you want to get an idea of just how sidelined America is right now, and what an unserious joke we are, look no further than France and Emmanuel Macron.


As you may know, last night Macron won reelection in France, after a tight race.

It’s customary for world leaders to call and congratulate each other when they win, and you can’t imagine anyone dissing the USA president if they call to congratulate you, after all, this is the “free world,” and the most powerful country on the planet.

But that’s not what happened when bumbling Joe called to congratulate his globalist pal in France.

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It was quite the opposite, actually.

Macron didn’t even want to take the call, apparently.

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Can you blame him?

Here’s what Breitbart journalist Charlie Spiering said: “Joe Biden on Macron re-election: “I feel good about the French election … I tried to talk to him last night. I spoke to his staff and he was at the Eiffel Tower having a good time. And I’m going to be talking to him today.”


President Trump’s former top aide Stephen Miller responded by saying:

And it looks like Stephen is right because look what I just found from a Reuter’s reporter named Michael Rose:

“Macron spoke to Zelenskiy tonight, who congratulated him on his re-election, the Elysée says”

This is a shocking and humiliating blow to Biden, but it’s also so embarrassing and weakening for the United States, too.

I can’t say that I blame Macron.


If I had just won something so distinguished as re-election, the last thing I’d want is to share that moment with someone who can’t even repeat a sentence without butchering it a million times over.

This is the new state of America, thanks to Joe Biden’s befuddled ineptitude.

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