Biden Pollster On Upcoming Midterms: “It’s The Worst Political Environment That I’ve Lived Through”

Biden Pollster On Upcoming Midterms: “It’s The Worst Political Environment That I’ve Lived Through”

The situation for Dems looks very bleak in 2022.


I know they cheat, but I think it’s so bad, that they can’t even cheat their way out of this hellhole.

One Biden pollster has come out to share his thoughts about the upcoming midterms and he says that this is the worst political environment he’s seen in his entire career.

Here’s what the pollster said: “Biden’s Pollster prediction for 2022: “It’s the worst political environment that I’ve lived through in 30 years of being a political consultant. … There’s a big difference between losing 7 and 10 seats in the House and getting your ass kicked and losing 35, 40. …”

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This comment comes after Joe Biden just hit an all-time low of 33 percent approval in a very liberal-leaning Quinnipiac poll.

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But, how can what Joe is facing be LESS than what Obama faced in 2010, which was a political bloodbath…

President Obama entered the White House with his party touting a 60 seat majority in the Senate and 257 seat majority in the House. Democrats now hold a 48* seat minority in the Senate and 194 seat minority in the House — a net loss of 12 and 64 seats respectively.

This pollster is claiming Joe will only lose 35-40 seats… so what gives?

Right-wing pollster, and one of the most respected in the biz, Richard Baris explain the Biden pollster’s tweet:

A lot of people commenting about this, note that in 2010 Democrats lost more seats than he cited for 2022.

That still doesn’t mean he was wrong about the environment. It only speaks to how well Democrats did in redistricting and also how overextended they were from 2008.

Meaning, DEMS won seats in ‘08 they really had no business representing because of 1) coattails from Obama’s historic win and 2) more specifically, how badly the Bush GOPe governed the country.

They ran the country and party into the ground, creating conditions for total defeat.

That said, I think we’ve seen some vote swings in certain districts that really do indicate we all could be underestimating the coming defeat for Democrats.

Biden +12 and below will be hard to hold on to. In some districts, the swing has been even larger.

Here’s what folks online are saying:

“1994: Clinton was at 46% & GOP won 56 seats. 2010: Obama was at 45% & GOP won 63 seats. 2022: Biden is sitting at 40%, country MUCH worse than 94 & 10, GOP has much larger generic lead, Dems losing every demographic. I would not be surprised with a 75+ net Seat change”

“Obama said: “don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f.. things up”. Are we about to see Joe give republicans a shot at California?”

“I have a feeling there’s a huge chunk of ice beneath the surface that nobody’s seeing and it’ll make itself known on election day and Dems will be in ashes” 

“It’s gonna be a helluva lot worse than they’re predicting. Americans are pissed off like I’ve never seen them before” 

I don’t care what anyone says…


Don’t take a single thing for granted.

Make sure you’re in line on election day, ready to vote red.

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