[VIDEO] Lock Up Your Kids, Biden Just Said The “Quiet Part” Out Loud

[VIDEO] Lock Up Your Kids, Biden Just Said The “Quiet Part” Out Loud

If your kids are running around loose in public schools like most American children, you might seriously want to start re-thinking things.


As you probably know by now, there’s a culture war going on.

The left wants your child’s soul, so they can sacrifice it on the altar of their progressive religion… some might think I am exaggerating, but I’m not. The left is now pushing a lot of “sexuality” and confusing gender issues on young kids in an effort to indoctrinate them as young as possible.

And how they’re accomplishing this is by a flood of “woke” teachers who have entered the field and are in the classroom grooming kids with talk about homosexuality, transgenderism, and other progressive things like CRT, and social justice activism.

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It’s gotten so bad that parents are now in literal battles with schools.

Parents want their kids to be taught reading, writing, and arithmetic, not gay culture or transitioning into a new “gender.”

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This is nonsense and many would argue a lot of this talk belongs in mental therapy, not a classroom.

But the truth is, the left thinks they own your kids. The government has bought and paid for them, and if they attend “public schools” they believe we should teach them the Regime’s approved messaging.

Don’t believe me? 


Well, Joe Biden said the quiet part out loud when he was talking to teachers… just listen to what he said: “Joe Biden says to teachers about their students “they are not somebody else’s children. They’re yours when you’re in the classroom.” No, Joe, they are not “somebody else’s children.” They are OUR children.”

You can watch the video below:

Yes, the left believes they own your kids, and the only thing that will change that fact is by removing these radicals from the classroom.


This is why it’s so important that parents get on these school boards so they’ll know exactly what’s happening in the classrooms and can share this information with other concerned parents.

School is challenging enough for kids, they don’t need to be browbeaten into accepting progressivism as their lord and savior, and embracing every aspect of the left’s alternate lifestyles.

Leave the kids alone. 

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