[VIDEO] New Theory Emerges After Dems Suddenly Roll Out Biden’s Unknown Sister to Protect The “Big Guy”

[VIDEO] New Theory Emerges After Dems Suddenly Roll Out Biden’s Unknown Sister to Protect The “Big Guy”

You probably don’t know who Valerie Biden is. She’s Joe’s younger sister and the latest “fixer” for the family.


Val is now making the rounds on the big media shows to talk about her new book, but more importantly, to run cover for the Big Guy.

And she’s really taking her new role seriously.

Valerie is using her book tour to paint a new narrative for the Hunter Biden/Big Guy scandal. The new theory she’s peddling is that this is a “nothing burger,” and it’s all President Trump’s fault.

Hmm, for some reason, I don’t think that excuse is gonna fly… even with our fake news media.

Aunt Val is also painting Hunter like the second coming of crackheads.

She’s also mad at the meanies on the right who are using Joe’s “childhood stutter” to make him seem “dumb” and “inept.”

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Yikes. How desperate are they, that they’re resurrecting the “childhood stutter” stuff?

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Bizpacreview reported that when asked by USA Today if Hunter Biden is at least in some way responsible for scandals involving the laptop-from-hell and probable financial corruption, Valerie simply replied, “No.”

“Hunter walked through hell. He didn’t wake up and say, ‘Aunt Val, I think I’m going to be an addict. And so whatever happens, it’s my responsibility,’” she asserted.

Instead, she lauded her nephew for having the “courage” and “strength” to fight his addictions.

“I don’t know what could be worse than Beau’s dying of glioblastoma when he was 46 years old,” Valerie Biden Owens said deflecting from the investigation to the death of Biden’s son. “I don’t know what could be worse than watching Hunter walk through hell. You never say the worst is over, but whatever comes, we can handle it as a family.”

“Trump and his right-wing followers have continued to do whatever they can to discredit the family and therefore to bring Joe down,” she charged.

“My brother’s a stutterer, and he still stutters and tries to get things out,” she stated. “And what did really make me mad and drive me crazy was when he would go to speak, and there would be a hesitancy, and the critique from the bad guys, the right-wing, was that he’s not smart; he didn’t know what he was saying.”

But Trump loyalist Sebastian Gorka isn’t buying it.

He thinks there’s something else going on and believes there’s a bigger reason why Val Biden is suddenly being trotted out.

Dr. Gorka is wondering why this “nobody” Biden is being rolled out now. Here’s what Sebastian said: “So why is this harridan no one’s ever heard of being rolled out now? Are the Dems getting ready to throw Hunter under the bus?”


You can watch the video below:

I agree with Sebastian, but I think it’s more than just “Hunter.”

I think Dems are throwing Joe under the bus, and his team knows it, and they’re using Aunt Val’s book tour to get some much-needed positive PR and “spin” for Joe.

Because where Hunter goes, Joe goes, too… and if you look at today’s print stories, that’s the theme. Yahoo News is even talking about the laptop and connection to Joe.

It’s not looking good for the old bumbler, and I don’t think sis can help.


Sorry Team Biden, but this dusty, privileged old lady isn’t going to stop what’s coming…

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