[VIDEO] Another Bizarre “Truman Show” Moment Unfolds With Biden, Staff, and Press

[VIDEO] Another Bizarre “Truman Show” Moment Unfolds With Biden, Staff, and Press

My God, I listened to this clip of Biden’s staffers, frantically trying to get a reporter to stop asking him questions, and it was the most chaotic and crazy thing I’ve heard in a long time.


They sound like a pack of wild Fish Wives, and you can see the look of fear on Joe’s face as they scream and yell, and that fake, awkward smile of his.

It’s all so bizarre and abnormal and smacks of the “Truman Show” feel.

Biden’s admin is like a production, with directors, sound guys, and technicians who are orchestrating a “scene.”

That’s what this feels like…


His staffers are so desperate to make sure that a question doesn’t slip off the reporter’s tongue and makes its way into Joe’s ear, where he’ll decide to answer and start yet another national security nightmare with his half-baked response.

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The intensity and chaotic energy in this clip are a perfect example of what this phony admin is all about — a complete disorganized, fearful gong show.

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Here’s what people online are saying:

“Don’t want to upset the dementia patient.”

#IdiotGrin on Biden’s face….”

“SERIOUSLY? Hating Trump that much, forces 1 to back this kinda DAILY bullshit from @JoeBiden, his PuupetMasters, & his “handlers” 

“20 bucks one of those shrill women was the Easter Bunny.”

“Never has this country had a such a moronic administration. Pack of idiots.”

“Biden Here, Behaving In A Weak, Ineffective, Pathetic & Vacant Manner IS Symbolic Of America Now”

“Such low character in this video, all of them. The loser on our right was ’embarrassed’ to be with Trump and called him unstable yet he is sitting next to this dementia-riddled manchurian candidate.”

“the two supposed Americans on the right and left are allowing our country to be invaded. I don’t think our military is serving this nation any longer.”

“@POTUS is a demented embarrassment to America and the world!”

“photo op only this suit is a huge disgrace American People deserve so much better disgusting”

We do deserve better.


And let’s spread that message at the ballot box and make this dementia patient a bigger lame-duck than he already is.

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