[VIDEO] Loud, Zany Music Drowns Out a Confused Biden, Who Shuffles Around, Yelling, “What Do We Do Now?”

[VIDEO] Loud, Zany Music Drowns Out a Confused Biden, Who Shuffles Around, Yelling, “What Do We Do Now?”

Joe Biden looked and sounded like a full-blown Alzheimer’s patient today at the White House.


He was hosting an event with Mayor Pete, pretending to care about the nation’s truckers.

CNN reported that Biden celebrated federal investments in the trucking industry during a White House event on Monday, highlighting strides the administration has made in implementing its “Trucking Action Plan,” which was unveiled late last year.

Standing in front of two trucks at an event on the White House lawn, the President referred to truck drivers as the Americans who are making the economic comeback from Covid-19 possible.
“I want to thank you … (for) keeping America moving, because that’s literally what you’re doing

These are the same truckers who just protested Biden’s absurd vax mandates.

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When his remarks were over, Biden, who is looking more sleepy and lethargic than ever, shuffled off to one side, looking confused and lost.

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He yelled out, “WHAT DO WE DO NOW?” and then turned towards Mayor Pete, who simply shrugged his shoulders.

And just as things looked like they could spiral into “dementia hell,” some really loud and zany music began playing, drowning out anything else Biden might have shouted or muttered, for that matter.


You can watch the video below:

The guy looks like he’s living his life moving in slow motion through a vat of black tar. He’s so slow and unsteady.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Doesn’t that crazy loud clown music fit the scene perfectly? LOL”

“Meat puppet is lost when nobody is pulling his strings” 

“The music seems fitting”

“Jesus Lord wouldn’t it be nice if we had a Strong President that didn’t remind us that he is told what to do how to do it, what to say, and lead around like a buffoon..He even has the stupidity to ask what he has to do on the mic, and if he is going to get in trouble? Pathetic”

“The best part was Buttigieg shrugging his shoulder/saying ‘I don’t know’ LOL” 

“Time for your 4 O’clock diaper change, Sir”

“What an inspirational speaker this guy is lmao” 

“Are those electric trucks? Asking for a nation…”

“That music made me laugh out loud. The Handlers are so scared of him talking lol” 

The Lid Presidency”

I don’t think Joe knows what’s going on half the time.

I think his Handlers give him some very brief instructions before they shove him out the door and by the time the event is over, he’s already forgotten what they said.


Joe Biden is a lost, confused, befuddled old man who should be in a memory care unit, not the White House.

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