Breaking: Elon Musk is Going to Own Twitter, And “Bye Felicia” Trends #1, As Butt-Hurt Liberals Vow To Delete The App

Breaking: Elon Musk is Going to Own Twitter, And “Bye Felicia” Trends #1, As Butt-Hurt Liberals Vow To Delete The App

Well, Elon Musk is going to be the new owner of Twitter, and the left is having a collective breakdown, and are vowing to delete their app and never come back.


Here’s what Elon posted: “I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means”

The folks on the right are enjoying this epic meltdown and are telling the crybullies, “Bye Felicia” and don’t let the door hit ya, on the way out!

It’s quite a sight to see!

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But there’s so much more…

Take a look:

“When Twitter is sold to Musk, I want Trump’s first tweet to be, Dear Liberals, I have one thing to say, “Bye Felicia”

To all those participating in the great Twitter exodus…. Bye Felicia!”

Bye Felicia!!! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Twitter definitely needs new ownership if they can ban a sitting POTUS who made America Great Again but let a sitting POTUS post that is turning us into a communist country.”

“It’s ridiculous that we have to sit here and prepare for the left to throw a temper tantrum over Elon Musk bringing free speech back to social media. Bye Felicia”

Look what this liberal wrote:

I just heard on CNN that Musk is set to purchase Twitter, as soon as that happens I’m out of here. I believe in free speech, but not when supported by lies, misinformation & conspiracy theories. I don’t want any part of that, & it’s exactly what Musk is going to allow on Twitter.


Here are the responses:

“Soooo your anti-free speech then. Bye Felicia!”

You have the words “speaking my mind” in your bio. So you only want a platform that allows YOU to speak your mind and stop all opposition? Bye Felicia” 

“Humble suggestion: When Musk buys it, “speak your mind” like your bio says, in no uncertain terms and see what happens. Right now you are just engaging in advanced pre-emptive cancel culture instead of preparing to enter a truly public square.” 

“So you said that you believe in free speech but you don’t believe in free speech about things you don’t agree with. Did I get that right? So you want leave a platform because there is too much freedom. And you don’t like freedom because its dangerous to you?” 

“This is the same as “im not racist, but…” You don’t believe in free speech if you only want speech you agree with to be acceptable.”

“I believe in free speech, “but”…..”

“The door is open right now, why wait? Bye Felicia” 

“Hey, everyone who’s telling this lady you’ll miss her, you won’t, because she won’t actually be leaving” 

“Did you also threaten to move to Canada when Trump was elected?”

“So it’s going to be like Twitter was 2 years ago when we were all on here using our moderation tools to dictate the content we see? Sounds awsome” 

“No you don’t believe in free speech, believe u have the right to a platform that censors speech to only include what is acceptable in you bubble. A space where u don’t have to defend ur ideas just receive reinforcement in them no matter how unreasonable or wrong they are…”

It’s crazy to watch these meltdowns unfold.

The left cannot handle a situation where other opinions and ideas are allowed to exist, and they think that behavior is perfectly normal, which is really scary.

Let’s hope when Elon takes over we see some major changes right away.


The first thing I’d like to see is President Trump back on the site… I don’t know if he wants to come back, but he should have his account reinstated, and he can then do with it whatever he pleases.

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