Carlson, Kirk Return To Twitter After Removing Tweet; Stone New Account Banned

Carlson, Kirk Return To Twitter After Removing Tweet; Stone New Account Banned

The return of Tucker Carlson and Charlie Kirk to Twitter has nothing to do with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, according to the Twitter. The reason why we need to inform you of this is so that you are not misinformed and think that Elon Musk has already started making changes.

Musk is still in the process of buying the platform but with that almost completed, Kirk and Carlson decided it was time to comply with old Twitter and return to their accounts. Neither is publicly informing their followers that they deleted their statements to get back on the platform. They are actually leaving it up to their followers to believe Musk reinstated them.

Rachel Levine, a transgender woman, is the Assistant Secretary for Health, and both were suspended from their accounts last month after making disparaging remarks about her.

The Babylon Bee’s account was also suspended for a tweet on Levine. Despite numerous attempts, the conservative satirical publisher has been unable to remove the offending tweet from his or her account.

In spite of Twitter’s demands that they remove the messages, Carlson and Kirk have returned after each agreed to comply with Twitter’s rules of service. Also, both ascribed their returns to Musk without citing Twitter’s regulations.

On Monday, hours after it was reported that Musk will buy Twitter for $44 billion, Fox News host Tucker Carlson announced his return to Twitter.

Kirk also announced his return to Twitter on Thursday, attributing his reappearance to “new management.”

Twitter claims that both accounts have been reinstated because they removed inappropriate posts. Twitter said, “This is not due to a change in our policy, this means that they deleted the violative Tweet.”

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A Twitter insider also said, “the platform does not internally delete content when an account is locked for breaking the site’s policies—instead requiring users to physically delete this in order to restore their access.”

Veteran political operative Roger Stone believed he could rejoin the platform after being banned for life in 2017.

However, the longtime Trump ally’s welcome home was short-lived, as he was promptly re-banned after only a few hours on his new account.

Stone boasted on Telegram early Thursday morning that he had rejoined Twitter. How strong Elon Musk’s devotion to freedom of speech is, I’m curious to find out!

Within minutes after being linked to the self-described “dirty trickster,” @RogerStoneUSA was suspended.

It was confirmed by a Twitter spokeswoman that “the account in question was permanently suspended for violations of the Twitter Rules, specifically our ban evasion policy.”




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