Rumors Are Swirling That Chris Wallace is Getting Ready to Throw in the Towel at CNN+

Rumors Are Swirling That Chris Wallace is Getting Ready to Throw in the Towel at CNN+

Well, it looks like Chris Wallace is going to follow in Shepherd Smith’s footsteps.


He, like Smith, left Fox News in order to see if the grass was greener on the more liberal side, but it turns out they were both sadly mistaken.

According to Mediaite reporter Jon Nicosia, Chris Wallace is having daily breakdowns over CNN+ disastrous rollout and is giving the network an ultimatum to either give him his own show on the flagship network or he’ll walk.

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Here’s what Jon said: “SOURCE: Chris Wallace is “having daily breakdowns” over the “miserable launch” of @CNNplus. Wants a “CNN show or is threatening to walk” they go on. “He is having staffers count how many times a day his promo is playing”

The big question here is, how could Chris Wallace not see this coming?

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After all, people hardly watch CNN when it’s included in their cable programming, so why on earth would they pay extra for it?


As Axios is reported, the investment and projections for CNN+ are expected to be dramatically cut in response to a low adoption rate.

By the numbers: The news giant was initially planning to invest around $1 billion in the service over the next four years.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are expected to be cut from that original investment total.

To date, around $300 million has been spent on the subscription service, which includes a sizable marketing investment.

The new company’s leadership team still has yet to decide the ultimate fate of CNN+. CNN’s new boss, Chris Licht, will start May 1.

What an absolute waste of time, energy, and money.

This calamity makes you wonder where Wallace will end up next…

Could it be MSNBC? Tuck tail and run back to Fox? Or fade into obscurity?

As much as we’d like it to be the ladder, the rumor is that Wallace is to take over Chris Cuomo’s old spot.


Seems like a lateral move, honestly.

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