[VIDEO] New Damning Emails Found by Durham May Bring Down Entire Clinton Crime Syndicate

[VIDEO] New Damning Emails Found by Durham May Bring Down Entire Clinton Crime Syndicate

More and more info continues to emerge from the Durham investigation and that info could bury Hillary deeper and deeper.


We hope so, at least…

While I still believe Hillary is too big to fall, you can’t completely give up hope for justice to prevail, and thus far, the Durham investigation is our only chance for achieving that.

And speaking of Durham, there are new emails just found by Durham’s team that show a clear link between Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann and the DNC.

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The reason this new info is so important is that Sussman’s been adamant that he had no connection to the DNC, he even told the FBI that…

Another lie?

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Jason Chaffetz and Rep Biggs discussed this very topic on Fox News this past Sunday.

You can watch the video below:


Also, just a reminder, Sussman is the main guy who was peddling the debunked Trump/Russia theories to the FBI, charges which he actually tried to have a federal judge dismiss.

The New York Post reported that a federal judge on Wednesday refused to dismiss Special Counsel John Durham’s case against former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann for allegedly lying to the FBI while hawking a later debunked theory linking Donald Trump to Russia.

US District Judge Christopher Cooper ruled that Sussmann must make his case to a jury — declining to toss the single false statements charge against him on technical grounds.

Sussmann met with then-FBI General Counsel James Baker in September 2016 and allegedly told him he wasn’t sharing internet data about Trump on behalf of a client, when in fact he was working for the Clinton campaign and Rodney Joffe, a tech executive accused of seeking to impress senior Democrats into offering him a top cybersecurity job if Clinton was elected president.

Sussmann’s tip involved apparent digital links between the Trump Organization and Moscow’s Alfa Bank. Further review by experts indicated the supposed smoking-gun data was likely just the result of junk email.

Sussmann’s legal team urged the judge to dismiss the case by arguing that his alleged lie was immaterial to any government action.

But Cooper wrote, “As the Special Counsel argues, it is at least possible that statements made to law enforcement prior to an investigation could materially influence the later trajectory of the investigation. Sussmann offers no legal authority to the contrary.”


That charge against Sussman carries up to 5-years in prison, and who knows what these new charges could carry, if it’s proven that he lied about working with the DNC.

Any way you slice this, it’s getting closer and closer to Hillary.

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