[VIDEO] Brian Stelter and CNN Are Absolutely Terrified of Elon Musk

[VIDEO] Brian Stelter and CNN Are Absolutely Terrified of Elon Musk

The left is melting down over Elon Musk purchasing Twitter.


And it’s not because Elon is some “MAGA” guy, because he’s not — it’s that Elon, like Joe Rogan, doesn’t dutifully subscribe to the “liberal outrage” of the day, and instead, they remain neutral.

Those are the type of people who scare the left the most… they’re not driven by a political ideology, they’re driven by truth and facts, and will fight for people’s right to enjoy that freedom. The left doesn’t quite know how to attack them, so they usually just throw everything, including the kitchen sink at them, and see what sticks.

That’s definitely what’s happening today over at CNN.

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Just listen to how terrified Brian Stelter and all of CNN are of Elon Musk.

Why in God’s name would “journalists” be so worried about free speech? And why is Brian spreading lies and fear-mongering right now, in this clip?

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You can watch the video below:


First off, Twitter is still going to have “terms of service” and rules to follow.

When we talk about free speech, we’re speaking about being able to discuss all the things that have been banned, like the 2020 election, gender issues, climate change, COVID, Wuhan Lab, Hunter Biden, and the war in Russia.

We can have altering views on these issues. We don’t all have to agree with the Biden Regime and speak and think in lockstep with the government.


Second off, nobody has spread more hate, division, and fake news than CNN, so Brian might want to sit this one out.

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