Independent Journo Says Chin Up, We’re Actually Winning Big Against The Bad Guys

Independent Journo Says Chin Up, We’re Actually Winning Big Against The Bad Guys

Sometimes it feels like we’re losing the great war we’re fighting against the globalist regime.


The left is a formidable foe, and they never stop battling. It’s as if they’re on autopilot and just keep going, and going, and going… like the energizer bunny, only not so cute and cuddly.

But while the left wins battles here and there, if you look at the overall “war,” you can see that we’re actually winning, bigly.

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Think about it — we’re finally winning the decades-long culture war.

Look at what’s happening with schools, and how parents are now pushing back against Critical Race Theory. It’s amazing to see.

The BLM movement has imploded and the American people have rejected them and their agenda, and now, corporate America is following suit. Amazon just dropped them from their charity program.

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And what about the woke mob, and nonsense like Defund the Police?

That “woke” agenda is destroying the Democrat Party, sports, Hollywood, and corporate America, and if they haven’t already dropped the woke stuff, they will eventually, if they want to survive.

There’s a backlash against everything the left is pushing.

It’s like President Trump said, “Everything that’s woke turns to sh*t.”


And speaking of turning to sh*t, one conservative pundit and filmmaker made a brilliant observation on this very subject and when I saw it, I knew I had to share it with you.

Here’s what Mike Cernovich said in a tweet: “If you’re having a bad day, remember that the deep state and corporate media regime still isn’t able to trick this country into another war, and they are much more angry and frustrated than you could be.”

Mike is right.

As we speak, Biden and his Deep State cronies are doing all they can to sell Americans on the idea of “war,” and we’re not buying it.

They want to turn the clocks back to the early 2000s and return America to the establishment “war machine” it used to be, where we believe the fairytale that the US just wants to go around sprinkling “democracy” everywhere.


But Americans don’t believe in that nonsensical fairytale anymore… And if the globalists don’t have that, they’ve got nothing.

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